The ex-husband of Ana de Armas shows off his most exclusive car

Ana de Armas continues to shine in Hollywood, while her ex-husband boasts the most incredible car that accompanies him on every trip. Get ready to see him pose next to his powerful and exclusive model car.

Ana de Armasnominated for an Oscar for best actress for blondeis currently enjoying the honeys of success in his acting career from Hollywood, at the same time that he continues to shine in new film projects that his followers fall in love with.

However, his personal life is another story, because not only Ben Affleck He starred in one of his most notorious romances that was kept under the lens of the paparazzi and the fans, since behind that idyll is his first marriage which very few know about.

It was in 2011, when the actress married the Spanish actor Marc Clotet, union that barely lasted two years, but ended by mutual agreement and under the best friendly terms, leaving behind a whole sharing to walk in different directions.

Currently, the interpreter of marilyn monroe She is in the prime of her career, while her ex-husband lives happily with his wife and children, posting countless photos on social networks, including: his best car.

The model that the ex-husband of Ana de Armas boasts is the exclusive Seat Tarraco, which reaches a top speed of 210km/h, hides a 2.0 TSI that develops power of 190 CV, torque of 320 Nm from 4,200 laps and facilitates a journey from 0 to 100km/h in just 7.8 seconds.

With respect to performance and functionality, it is impeccable, offering advanced technology that includes the Digital Cockpit control panel, to allow better orientation to the driver, remote assistance and an ideal space for traveling with the family in maximum comfort. Do you want to see Ana’s ex-husband in his best car? We present it to you in unmissable images.

The Seat Tarraco model of the ex-husband of Ana de Armas.

The Seat Tarraco model of the ex-husband of Ana de Armas.

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