The fabula is preparing a musical directed by Sebastian Lelio.

Brothers Pablo and Juan de Dios producer Larraín Fabula posted the call this week on his Instagram account: “We are looking for musical talent to star in our next musical film.”

Actresses, actors, dancers, dancers or singers over the age of 18 are invited to represent university students in a new film. Those who wish are asked to send a couple of videos: in one of them they must interpret the song. Auditions will be held from July to August. Rehearsals will take place in the second semester of this year. Filming will take place in the first half of 2024..

According to those familiar with the project, the musical Fábula will be directed by Sebastian Lelio.who had already worked with the producer on his film fantastic woman (2017), Oscar winner, as well as in Glory (2013), awarded at the San Sebastian Festival and at the Berlin Festival.

From Fábula, they withheld details as they explain that they are going to finalize the last contracts. Lelio, for his part, briefly replied that he could not say anything or confirm the information and that he was not giving an interview at the moment.

The start of this new project comes at a fruitful year for the productions in which Fábula has been and is involved. Released in March WitchcraftChristopher Murray; and in August a documentary feature film endless memory, Maite Alberdi. They also advance on the tape Count, directed by Pablo Larrain, stars the 250-year-old vampire Pinochet and can be seen on Netflix. Larrain is also working on his next film, a biopic starring actress Angelina Jolie as the legendary soprano Maria Callas.

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