The favorite candle of Hollywood celebrities smells of jasmine and tuberose

It might seem very easy, but receiving the label of being the favorite candle of Hollywood celebrities It is not a simple task. Especially considering celebrities’ taste for scented candles, both as a means of peace and disconnection, as a tool to decorate their homes. However, names like Gwyneth Paltrow, Victoria Beckham or Emma Watson, to name just a few, have declared themselves unconditional fans of the firm that concerns us today. And something tells us that as soon as they hear about their latest spring release, it’s going to become the most revered object of desire on their shelves. Of theirs, and of yours too, of course. As an appetizer we will tell you that its inspiration is the flowering after winter, at that moment in which nature stretches and is reborn again. Inspiring, right?

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light the wick of Jasmin Midnight Blooms by Voluspa it is to think of the crescent moon, awakening aromas of Italian bergamot, moonflower, Egyptian jasmine, tuberose, dune grass and mango wood. It is to imagine how these ladies of the night, that is, jasmine, tuberose and moon flower, all of which bloom at night, are collected by hand under cover of darkness, as this is the moment when they are most aromatic. A whole ritual that begins to explain why celebrities feel such a predilection for the brand’s candles.

But there is another detail that makes them even more desirable: their exterior. Let’s say that they are a decorative object as powerful as the most. The texture of its containers (presented in six glass formats, two canned candles and a diffuser) is almost as sensory as the aroma given off by the candle itself. Its engraved glass and metallic accents are inspired by the Japanese art of chiyogami, a beautiful way of making paper that is reflected in them. In addition, the sandy tone that its glass presents is a tribute to the color of white flowers illuminated by the moon, while the contrasting details of black and white, speak to us of the fragrant night breeze. You cannot put more care in an object. Now do you understand why Beckham, Paltrow and company go crazy for them?

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