The favorite perfumes of the famous

    According to the Perfume Academy, there are a total of seven olfactory families: citrus, floral, ‘fougère’, cyprus, woody, oriental and ‘gourmand’, which is the most recent addition. Each one of us feels more attracted to one or the other and, sometimes, we lean towards a mixture of two or even three. Normally it is something that we are quite clear about after years of smelling different perfumes but… Have you ever wondered if you agree with your favorite ‘celebrities’ in this decision?

    We know everything about them: their birthdays, their ex-partners, their successes in the world of songs, movies, modeling… But we would also love to know how they smell and, more specifically, which iconic perfume they turn to every day of their lives (or in most cases). To find out, we have browsed through different interviews that they themselves have given on occasion, thus revealing without which aroma they cannot live.

    What are the favorite perfumes of the ‘celebrities’

    There are so many olfactory families and they change so much depending on the concentration of their notes, that in this selection you will find perfumes of all kinds: from the freshest and clean-smelling, to the sweetest and even ‘sexy’ and, of course, , going through the most classic and romantic floral.

    Our favorite ‘celebrities’ are the firm representation that every woman is different. Each one of us is attracted to a very specific type of smell and this is, as a general rule, the one that stars our days and without which we cannot (nor do we want to) leave the house. However, and by extracting a common denominator from this research, we have come to the conclusion that practically all of them have more or less intense floral notesalthough there is a favorite ingredient and that is the scent of vanilla.

    Without further ado, we will tell you which are the favorite perfumes of ‘celebrities’ such as Meghan Markle, Taylor Swfit, Hailey Bieber, Jennifer Aniston, Margot Robbie, Blake Lively or Ashley Graham. Who knows? Maybe thanks to them you will find your new favorite perfume forever.

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