The female body bible, a bestseller for women

The Women’s Body Bible is an international bestseller that will help you live a dynamic and kind life with your body. women we need to have sufficient knowledge about our body and what we are going to discover at various vital stages.

Need know women-specific factors of physical activity, health and nutrition So any active woman can make the most of her body and enjoy a dynamic and healthy life.

The work accompanies this journey through various elements healthy and active lifeWith reliable, entertaining information based on scientific facts For help women – and anyone who wants to support them – to improve your performance and improve your well-being at all stages of life.

Scientific Emma Rosselite athlete and personal trainer Baz Moffat and doctor Bella Smith They offer us Keys based on scientific research will help us live a full life, safe and kind to our body.

female body bible

This work is the result of a collaboration between three women: Emma Ross, Baz Moffat and Bella Smith; scientist, fitness trainer and doctor, three female health and fitness experts in their respective fieldsthey are all passionate professionals, convinced that body literacy is a right for women.

“We are guided by the mission of creating what is necessary so that everything that characterizes us as women does not have to be medicalized or considered an exceptionbut is taken into account in systems that tend to become stronger, healthier and happier people. We want to make sure that conversations about women’s lifelong experiences of the body become part of the social dialogue.

We want both women and all those who support, teach, control, train or consult with them to have access to accessible and convenient information. We wish overcome stigma, reduce health inequalities, break taboos and empower women so that they become architects of their own well-being, happiness and physical condition. Well Headquartersas we call ourselves, relies on knowledge, solvency, science and experience to support women on their journey from puberty to postmenopause.

bestseller for women

This book, female body bibleis a synthesis of what we have learned and provides you with the tools you need to fully understand your body, take charge of your health and well-beingand use your physiology and psychology to improve every aspect of your life.”.

It is time to rethink the future so that no woman is deprived of the knowledge of her body and the ability to understand it at all stages of life or does not have the confidence to use this knowledge and be able to protect her rights related to health and well-being.

“Through this book and our work in general, we are determined to close the gap between knowledge about women’s and men’s health. We believe that everyone deserves to know more. Therefore, this work is not only a book, but also a movement, a call to action. Every woman has the right to know more about her body, and everyone, regardless of gender, should know better about the female body in order to eliminate the remnants of silence and modesty that still burden us..



Vagina, menstruation, prolapse, menopause… While people make faces at these words, women’s issues will have to be discussed quietly in small groups. Our bodies and their functions are not shameful. The female body has a very rich vocabulary and it’s time for everyone to use it normally.


Women do not have sufficient knowledge about their body and what they will find at different stages of their lives.. This situation gives rise chronic anxiety and insecurity. A better understanding of our own body and what we may experience at certain moments helps us identify difficulties already taking appropriate measures.


Health and fitness do not equal aesthetics and photogenicity.. Instead of focusing on appearance, we should focus on feeling and function, on the functioning of the body. When we listen to our body, accept it and take care of it, health and good physical condition appear by themselves.


In the regions sports science And medicine, only 6% of investigations target only women. Rewriting best practices for women will improve our health and fitness while reducing our risk of injury. It will also optimize our sports experience and reduce the percentage of women who quit sports. Great success can be achieved when women train in harmony with their bodies, and not against it.


The menstrual cycle is amazing. Determine the biological rhythm of your middle life as a woman.. However, our information about it is often reduced to a few reproductive biology classes on the fallopian tubes and mature eggs, ovulation and the lining of the uterus, instead of explaining the power it gives us, the menstrual cycle and how it affects us on throughout life. Our personal relationship with the cycle

often focuses on the discomfort we feel on certain days of the month or on uncomfortable periods approaching the first day of the beach holiday that you have been waiting for all winter. But the menstrual cycle is more than that, and we need to know it..


Like all muscles, the pelvic floor should be able to contract and relaxand should have a good range of motion.

This is key, as most women think that if they have problems with this muscle structure, they should train it, but this is too simplistic. Like any part of the body that does not work properly, the solution is rarely straightforward or universal. pelvic floor should be able to do the following:

  • hold you The pelvic floor should prevent the leakage of urine, gases or feces. This means that if you are involved in sports such as basketball, sprinting or trampoline gymnastics, your pelvic floor should be stronger than that of a person who hits the gym occasionally or whose main physical activity is walking. We know that urinary incontinence rates are much higher among female athletes. And as annoying as it is, little is known about why.
  • Relax when you need to. When you go to the bathroom, the pelvic floor should be able to relax enough so that you can completely empty your bladder and rectum.


Women’s sleep presents an interesting dichotomy: women need more sleep than men, but are more prone to insomnia..

We we need an average of twenty minutes more sleep per day than menand studies show (as cliché as it may seem) that this is because women are more likely to multitask and use their brain more during the day.

The more you use your brain during the day, the more sleep you will need. Even though he needs more sleep women are 40 percent more likely to suffer from insomnia than men and they also more prone to sleep disorders.

There are several reasons why we sleep poorly, and one of them is that we greater tendency to ruminate and worrywhat keeps us from sleeping.

Foreword: How We Became The Well Headquarters

  • Chapter Watch out for spaces
  • Chapter Health and fitness through a women’s filter
  • Chapter Be an expert on your menstrual cycle
  • Chapter Your body and contraception
  • Chapter Strengthens the pelvic floor
  • Chapter well supported chest
  • Chapter Bodies that move well
  • Chapter Eat to be healthy
  • Chapter sleep to be well
  • Chapter female brain
  • Chapter be healthy all your life
  • Chapter The world that contains us

Women’s Body Bible Authors


Bella Smith

From a very young age, I wanted to be a doctor. My amazing mom worked as a nurse for over 50 years and loved every minute of her job before retiring ahead of quarantine in 2020. As a nurse, she was and remains incredibly knowledgeable, brilliantly practical, incredibly hardworking, and most importantly, has a mischievous sense of humor. For me, the latter is vital when you work in medicine.

Throughout my career, I have been constantly shocked and upset to hear the heartbreaking stories of so many women who endure needless shame and embarrassment and suffer in silence over what is happening to their health. It’s amazing that the stigmas still exist and my goal is to address inequality, taboos and empower women to be the architects of their health and well-being.

BAZ Moffat

BAZ Moffat

From an elite athlete to starting my own business to mother of two, my journey fuels my passion for women’s health. Life has led me to this moment and given me the incredible opportunity to join Bella and Emma in creating the Well. I have 20 years of experience in healthcare, fitness and sports. I have combined this knowledge and experience with the challenges of my life to create a solid set of principles that can and will help women thrive.

I don’t care what your goals are. I work with Olympians trying to steal that extra millisecond and I work with women who don’t want to get wet when they get up. I just love working with any woman who has a story and wants to make amends.



I was a science advocate at heart, and early in my career I taught physiology to sports sciences, physical therapists, and medical students. In 2013, I joined the English Institute of Sport as Head of Physiology to lead the sports scientists who support our Olympic and Paralympic athletes.

Since Rio 2016, the UK has been called a “sports superpower”. We have won more medals than ever before and finished second in the table. It was exceptional, but how could we keep improving?

I realized that the answer was not in minor achievements, but in the use of something more fundamental: the female side of the athlete. And in doing so, I have developed and led innovative new programs to enable coaches, athletes and sports professionals to better understand women who play sports, their physiology and psychology.

I’m still on this mission. I want to eliminate the taboos that exist in sports and in society in general when it comes to women’s health; Topics such as menstruation and the menstrual cycle, breast health, pelvic floor health, and mental health.

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