The film is considered a sci-fi cult classic that made its way to streaming after a long time.

Currently, one of the most used oppositions in spare time are streaming platforms. There we find a wide selection of films and series for all tastes, but it makes us wonder what to see at that moment. Faced with this dilemma, we bring you a story that tells about the performance of a famous actress. Jennifer Connelly in a story called “Dark City”.

When we find ourselves in moments of freedom and with family, we always strive to enjoy history through streaming. But at the moment of entering, we are invaded by the question ofwhat to see over there? and that takes precious time. That’s why we present you this movie called “city ​​in darkness”, a sci-fi thriller that starred a well-known cast, such as actress Jennifer Connelly.

Movie “city ​​in darkness” perfect option what to see for those who love science fiction and suspense. Although it was released in 1998 and was not a box office success, it is now considered a cult classic for being the inspiration for Christopher Nolan’s Inception and The Matrix. This story is available on Apple TV and features several well-known actors such as Jennifer Connelly.

Synopsis of this story what to see entitled “city ​​in darknesstells us: “John Murdoch wakes up alone and in a strange hotel and finds that he has lost his memory and is wanted for committing brutal murders. While trying to remember his past, he encounters the cause of his problem, an evil group known as Los Extraños. This film directed by Alex Proyas has a very interesting narrative full of mysteries. Also, “city ​​in darknessHe owes his current success to such leading actors as Rufus Sewell and Jennifer Connelly.

Available on Apple TV, this feature film is 100 minutes long and is suitable for people over the age of 16. In addition to the interesting historycity ​​in darkness” has a great cast, recognized by Rufus Sewell, Kiefer Sutherland, Jennifer Connelly and William Hurt. when you don’t know what to see Streaming makes this cult film perfect for watching in your spare time.

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