The first words of Silvia Bronchalo, mother of Daniel Sancho

Daniel Sancho is already in a temporary prison on the Thai island of Koh Samui, which many inmates have described as “unsafe and smelly”. The young man confessed hours after he went to court for the murder and dismemberment of Edwin Arrieta, a 44-year-old Colombian surgeon. He ensured it he felt threatened by him, but the chronology of events undermines his testimony, on the basis of which justice will have to decide in a future trial. “I am guilty, but I was held hostage,” the EFE admitted.

The case shocked Spanish society because it concerns the son of the famous actor Rodolfo Sancho (and grandson of Sancho Gracia). His mother is Silvia Bronchalo, an anonymous woman who She was in a relationship with the actor for 14 years.

Rodolfo Sancho is already in Thailand

As reported by the magazine Week, the actor would have landed in an Asian country by now. “He is in constant contact with the Spanish embassy and receives advice from the consular mission, with the specific department that is supposed to accompany Spanish prisoners in Thailand,” they say from the said post. His only words were used to ask for “maximum respect” for his surroundings in this difficult situation. His brother Rodrigo confirmed to Europa Press that he “trusted justice”.

It is also known that the family hired several lawyers in defense of a young man who will be responsible for determining whether there is a possibility that Sancho serve a sentence in Spain.

Words from his mother, Silvia Brochalo

Journalist Leticia Santos from the show On everyone’s lips he managed to make contact with Sancho’s mother, who became pregnant by him when she was 18 years old.

She was succinct but very clear in her words, as the reporter relates: “What she wanted to tell us, and I will read it verbatim so as not to miss the truthis that we’re making a movie about all this without knowing anything.”

Although she took her first steps as an actress in her youth – she met Rodolfo at acting school – in fact, Daniel Sancho’s mother leads a very discreet life and in complete anonymity. At 48, he is devoted to the world of business. He started as an agent in an insurance company and is currently involved in investing and wealth management.

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