The forgiven, the thriller by John Michael McDonagh is already on Movistar Plus

A good part of the people enjoy a good suspense and/or horror thrillerand to please your subscribers Movistar Plus has added to his platform The Forgivena film starring Jessica Chastain and Ralph Fienneswho play a dysfunctional couple who by accident kills a mantriggering the biggest nightmare of their lives.

The film, which has been available since March 18, 2023, offers multiple reflections on ethics (since after running over the boy the couple decides to hide the body) of the Western upper (social) classes, and even of those people who completely reject the values ​​and cultures of others.

An adaptation to the height?

This tape is based on the novel of the same name by Lawrence Osborn written in 2012, and which is recognized by readers as a fascinating story that make the most of the tension and terror of his concept; however, and as is recurring in adaptations of novels to film or TV, The Forgiven fails to measure up from the original version, managing to be quite forgettable without being bad.

The visual section is impeccableas well as the performances of its protagonists (particularly when the plot separates into two different paths), and meets the objective of making a criticism of people with despotic attitudes from their economic, political or social power.

Beyond this, which is obvious from the cast and the premise of the film, there is not much to say about this story, which is predictable on more than one occasion and that it features more subplots than it can really handle; which contributed to the fact that it went quite unnoticed even at the box office (1.4 million dollars) at the time of its premiere.

In conclusion

Los pardonados, without a doubt, is not a movie for all types of audiences, and certainly not an essential story to watch. Still, there are aspects worth acknowledging, such as the performance of Ralph Fiennes which is consolidated as one of the most remarkable of his career, and whose outcome ends up being brilliantly satisfactory. @mundiario

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