The four pieces of evidence that Hailey Bieber is following in the footsteps of Selena Gomez

internet takes years antagonizing Selena Gomez and hailey bieber because of his relationship with Justin Bieber.

Some speak of obsession, others of coincidence, but there is certain evidence in all this controversy, and it seems that Hailey follow many of the steps from Selena.

We list the evidence that the model has the actress as an example in her day-to-day life.

From a Jelena fan to marrying Justin Bieber

There is evidence that the current wife of the singer I was a fan of the couple What Justin and Selena did, who at that time the fans nicknamed them Jelena.

Even Hailey herself posed on a red carpet with a magazine featuring both of them on the cover and dedicated tweets to the couple, referring to them as “a teenage dream

Between the numerous comings and goings of Bieber and Gomez, Baldwin began to establish a relationship in the beginning of friendship with Justin Bieber, but only two months after the last breakup of Jelena she began her courtship with the singer and married him.

a cooking show

in august 2020 Selena started with the project Selena + Chef on HBO, a cooking show where the singer would demonstrate her culinary skills at the hands of great chefs, lasting four seasons.

In the month of December 2022 Hailey started a cooking show on her YouTube channel called What’s in my kitchen? and the coincidences with some fragments of Selena’s porgrma are, to say the least, disturbing, in addition to the fact that they specifically make a cook show.

In one of the episodes the interpreter of Lose you to love He explains to me that they are not on a recording set or studio, but that they are in their own house. In Hailey’s episode, she practically echoes Selena’s words by assuring that she’s in a real kitchen, in her real house, not on set.

Know “his heart”

On several occasions Hailey Bieber has been publicly accused of literally reproduce Gomez phrases in their interviews.

In the year 2014 during an interview they asked the interpreter of Only Murders in the Building “What do you wish people knew about you?”, and she gave a unique answer: your heart.

Six years later, in 2020Hailey Bieber attended the program Jimmy Fallon and gave exactly the same answer as Selena years ago “I wish people knew my heart,” said the model.

But that is not the only similarity in their interviews. in january 2020 Selena went to The Ellen Show and explained that she did not want anyone to tell her story for her and that wanted to tell his side of his story.

Less than a month later, on The Jimmy Fallon Show, Baldwin reproduced almost the same words as the actress: “I was able to tell my story, who I was, instead of letting outsiders tell my story for me.” “.

G tattoo behind the ear

Without a doubt, this evidence is the most obvious, and it is that Selena and Hailey share tattoo.

According to the HITC website, Selena tattooed a letter g behind her ear in honor of her little sister Gracie. The first time the artist was seen with this tattoo was on June 4, shortly after the birth of her sister.

A little over a week later, Hailey got the same tattoo in the same place. The meaning? a tribute to georgiathe deceased daughter of the pastor of the church that Hailey attended, and that many other celebrities have as well.

Clearly the question of the initial is a coincidence, but the place and the typographical style are the same.

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