The Guantanamo police organize an operation to recover what was stolen during the murder.

Guantanamo Bay Police Retrieve Stolen Items during the murder of the photographer, official journalist Miguel Reyes reported on Facebook.

“After the pain of the death of the owner of a burlesque studio in Guantanamo, Interior Ministry officers handed over the items stolen during the murder photographer Orlando Tamayo Guevara, resident of Maximo Gomez Street between Jesus del Sol and Narciso López Streets,” Reyes said, without specifying what was returned, although the photos he shared show large sums of money in police custody .

The aforementioned post contained photographs showing several officers in the ranks up to lieutenant colonel talking to the assembled crowd. “Those present thanked for the quick resolution of the case in the act on the return of the stolen. MININT’s associates thanked the people for the materials they provided, which made it possible to quickly clarify the facts and apprehend the killers. and make them available to justice,” explained a journalist associated with the local official media.

“However, from Miguel Noticias (the name of the Reyes Facebook page), we believe that it is necessary to strengthen surveillance activities in microdistricts in order to exclude acts of vandalism and minimize direct and collateral damage. Nothing will return the life that has been cut off,” concluded the communicator. .

The family of a young man who was a victim of a machete in Holguin receives help

Except, The family of Lester Dominguez, a teenager killed with a machete last March in San Germán, Holguin, has received help. Cuban expatriates living in the US, Dennis Dominguez, the uncle of the minor, reported on Facebook Wednesday.

“Lester didn’t give him a fever for about six days. The pneumonia seems to go away, and then he continues to have bedsores, and then a tracheotomy. We have seen great solidarity. We report that some medicines are not needed and we have seen great solidarity both inside and outside our country. My attention was drawn to two terminally ill elderly people at a Miami clinic who were making a donation for Lester’s baby. I do not reveal his identity because that was the first thing they told me,” said the uncle of the young man.

Dennis explained that his nephew’s case is not the only one of its kind: “On the other hand, I was able to share stories similar to Leicester’s. The story of a patient from Santa Clara who now, two years and three months later, they managed to close the tracheostomy and left a scar on it. It’s the same in Baracoa, but they had a fatal outcome.”

On Thursday, Dennis released his details for those interested in helping his nephew: “I think that tomorrow (today, Friday, July 28) he will be discharged for pneumonia, I am at home to prepare when he comes. and I had no time for solidarity and interested friendship. I’m going to post the address because I won’t have time to do anything at home, Calle 7 Sur No. 1414 between Calle 14 and Calle 16, San Germán, Holguin. Phone +53 50112552 (Dennis Dominguez Mora).

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