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The endometriosis It is one of those eternally silenced diseases. Not only because it affects women and only half the world’s population can suffer from it, but also because its diagnosis is difficult since its pain is confused in most cases with menstrual cramps. These reasons have made research to find a ultimate cure to endometriosis has been delayed over the years and there is still no easy and precise treatment, beyond surgical operations or drugs to relieve pain.

The doctor Gustavo Salazara specialist in Gynecology and Obstetrics, explains to us on the eve of the World Endometriosis Day that “for now there is no therapy that surpasses contraceptives and surgery to remove endometrial tissue.” Analgesics will be used to relieve pain and contraceptives to stop the menstrual cycle temporarily, since it is during ovulation and menstruation when pain peaks appear. Additionally, specific diets or healthy lifestyles may be proposed as “complementary” measures. However, the doctor points out that “the key is an early diagnosis”, to act as soon as possible if the disease is in an advanced state.

It is estimated that this disease affects the 10% of women in the world of childbearing age (a very worrying figure) and in many cases it can appear at a very early age, even from the first spotting. Thus, endometriosis has traditionally been associated with back pain. ruler, so no awareness of their research has been raised. In fact, it has been recently when several celebrities who suffer from this disease around the globe have been encouraged to tell their testimonies about how they live with it.

Precisely these testimonials have helped to make the problem visible and to be a speaker for many women, who thanks to this have discovered that what was happening to them every time they menstruated was not normal period pain. Celebrities of the stature of actresses Emma Roberts, susan sarandon or the politician and former first lady Hillary Clinton have spoken publicly about endometriosis, but also at the national level we find the actress Sara Salamosinger chenoaor the influencer Martha Pombo.


Gustavo Salazar believes that this is a good opportunity to eliminate stigmas. “It all adds up and I hope more people with media reach continue to give endometriosis a voice.” Sara Sálamo has taken advantage of her strong activity in her networks to tell her followers through Instagram how difficult the diagnosis was for her: “I have memories of my childhood broken with pain, with a warm blanket on my kidneys and the belly. With cramps that went down from my ovaries to my knees. And despite visits to several doctors, they all agreed: ‘It’s normal, it’s menstrual pain’”. The actress regretted that the only treatment she was offered was to resort to contraceptives.

Endometriosis can become disabling in many cases

Sara Salamo She has stated that until a gynecologist diagnosed her with endometriosis at the age of twenty, she spent her periods “suffering in silence” and dealing with comments such as: “it’s girly stuff.” So this disease, in addition to undoubtedly physical pain, crosses the emotional barrier, since women who suffer from it tend to develop episodes of anxiety, stress and even depression, further preventing them from developing a normal life. To avoid cases of misunderstanding as happened to the Canarian actress, Dr. Salazar recommends “going to more than one specialist in case they perceive the misunderstanding of a professional.”

Endometriosis is a serious disease that can become disabling in many cases. Lack of understanding, together with pain and the absence of a definitive cure, places patients in a situation of vulnerability and lack of protection. Undoubtedly, they are clear signs that much remains to be done to advance in this field, although visibility is one of the main steps and it has already been taken.

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