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God has not called me for any discipline worth shit. Come on, I have no idea about anything, I know how to do little and my skills are quite diffuse.

I have quite useless talents and manage a couple of protocols and ways that, out of fashion and old, remain picturesque.

Perhaps two of my most accomplished gifts are the ability to pick melons, and an amazing nose for endings and plot resolutions.

Just as sincere and cruel as I am when it comes to judging myself, I can also assure you that I knew that Jon Snow was a Targaryen back in 2002 when I read “Game of Thrones.”

You can believe me or not, I don’t care. I only know that I know nothing.

But not at the level of a Platonic apology for the Socratic, it is more at the level that I see that I am missing out on some social integration grant that is out there.

To make the matter less ironic, I will confess that, for a time, I went to a center where I was taught to walk with heels while balancing a book on my head. I think the book thing was circumstantial and therefore the title doesn’t matter (I wish it was “Operation Cobra” by Richard Preston, aing!); the circus trick itself may have served others to achieve wealth and property, I felt like a seal waiting for a prize shrimp or, at least, a biomannan substitute bar.

I think that all my life wisdom can be summed up in the advice that there is no better ally for a girl than a roll of duct tape. It is just as profitable in a date of an affective sex nature, as in a shooting in a shanty town.

Once this introduction has been exposed, I go on to explain that I ask things to fill the nothing inside my blonde head with something. By not taking root too strongly any seed, because I am interested in everything, and I get hooked on various topics. Hence, I bring you some recommendations of Youtube channels in which I have spent several hours, out of mere curiosity and with the expression of a cow watching a train go by.

The same you get more benefit:


Mariano is Argentine, lives in Buenos Aires, I asked him if he is youtuber and he replies that he will not present himself as one, but for the moment he will (well there). His channel has little content but it is very good. Editing works with pauses, silly subtitles and zooms, but in reality what I wait for his updates is because of the grace that the kid has. He talks about cinema, but about bad cinema, or very good ones because as he himself says “perfectly bad, it’s still perfect”. He chooses video store titles from those who made us love the seventh art, summarizes and analyzes them. He sharpens everything, from the editing to the script, and his capacity for observation is amazing as well as his ability to expose the obvious (Argentines say “obvious” a lot) but that we have all taken for granted in our suspension of disbelief induced by the glorious logos of Orin Pictures, Lucasfilm or Lightmotive Films.

I ripped my ass off with his review of “Howard the Duck”; I was very crazy with the “Terminator 2” geeks, and I have saved two hours of my life after seeing your report on “DragonBall evolution”, and now I am a fan of Jonh Trabulto. I already told you, he is funny, but it is that in addition to the fact that he knows what he is talking about regarding cinema, it is that he works on documentation and extracts data, distributions; it faces budgets against collection figures, and also has the “curricular roulette” that discovers a twelve-year-old Scarlett Johansson in “Home Alone 3” or, as it was known in those parts, “My poor little angel 3”. If it is that already with the Latin titles they provoke the silly smile. (Buy me a T-shirt!)


Look, this one is also Argentine, but the antithesis of the previous one in terms of expression, form and register. I could tell you that Facu is duller than non-alcoholic beer or an olive without filling, but the truth is that his calm tone and his fixed shot of the news (this definition should now be changed to “youtuber shot”) remain very good for what he does (except when he tries to be ironic as in “Bañeros”). Facu (who goes out with the house of a suspicious man) talks about video games, but does not gamesplays or criticism of use. He gets into very strange and interesting things at a technical and historical level in this world.

Thanks to him I have discovered how to hack a Switch with a clip; that the scroll sides were an insurmountable for the PCs of the 90s; that “Doom” runs on anything with a hard drive; and that, in practice, Sony invented video game piracy.

Perhaps what has driven me craziest is the amazing story of Billy Mitchell and Steve Wiebe. I would never have thought that the absurd subplot of the movie “Pixels”, by Chris Columbus (on the other hand, impeccable in its approach to the most canonical Tremendism), would have been based on true events. And what about the port 1:1 from «Titanfall» to Play4?, Huh, huh?, What about the port 1:1 from «Titanfall» to Play4?. take carethat we are talking about the hectic story of some computer scientists compressing files and mincing code, because Facu makes it entertaining.

In addition to the curious issues that it raises, it is that someone like me, who has no idea of ​​computer science or electronics, is capable of finding out about technical aspects of hardware or software. It also makes me feel very old when he gives references to games I released. Well, not really and I was able to play them when my brothers got bored and dropped the Atari controller, or I managed to induce unconsciousness thanks to a blow to the neck well dao (so they have stayed). He assembles his videos with graphic and audiovisual material that is pure archeology (where did he get the laser disc ads from); he is very well groomed and clean because he knows that the image also counts in a good communicator; It has a neat kitchen that I would like; and I look at him and say in a maternal plan: “How cute.” Ah, he doesn’t accentuate anything in titles or descriptions.

Whether you’re an 8-bit nostalgic or an active hacker in the scenes Of those who suffer from not being able to hack the Xbox One, you will like this channel. By the way, I turned on my GameBoy the other day and my eyes are still bleeding monochrome green.


This is from @Merluso whose voice reminds me of rapper Zatu for accent and inflection, this is good. He is a twentysomething with glasses and a mustache, this is not bad. This channel has a section entitled “Before you buy” in which it tries to give a fair and critically-based opinion that serves as a guide for the public when purchasing video games. Now with this you can imagine that it deals with novelty titles, I don’t know if it becomes tester or press contact for previews, but there it is in the most rabid news. So if you don’t like them games Or you stayed in the “Call of duty: Naranjito’s rising”, the same thing will interest you a lot in its content. Merluso works on the script and has a lot of self-confidence, what happens is that the market feeds back from previous titles and one gets lost in the references that compare “Light Liying 2” with its predecessor (note that there was a 1 of this, and I unknowingly) or when it reminds you that such a studio no longer develops the game which since I don’t know how many delivery, with which I come to the conclusion that then the special charisma that “AjambrerromBluguersmasherFall4” had will have been wasted in a typical attempt to squeeze the most out of it a franchise that has long since lost its soul and the lore that captivated an entire generation of moders.

If that.

Then there are a few minutes in his clips that he seems to be speaking to me in Tagalog about the 125 gigabytes to save on an SSD, 4 or 6 core CPU like the Core i7-3700 or the Ryzen 5 1600, both accompanied by a GeForce GTX 1060 6GB or Radeon RX 5500 XT GPU, to which must be added 16 GB of RAM, all to achieve a quality of 1440p at 30fps (this is what the gossip has to shoot to be able to kill the Martians well), that this without counting the bugs and the cracks and the gromenagüers. Aink, Lord, I gromenagüers.

Now you will say: “And a channel of hardgamer what can it bring to us?” Very easy.

I (or you) tomorrow I say that I am going to play something new and I cannot find the “Alex Kidd” and I get frustrated. Or the same I download the “Tornderfrijonchertor: DeLastanding-IV” and it turns out that it is a milestone of kilo that, in addition to the consequent disappointment, it has cost me sixty euros earned with the effort and sweat of my English.

If I had seen the reviews of Merluso on «Tornderfrijonchertor: DeLastanding—IV», he would first have verified that he has suffered a downgrade which is a shame, and secondly, I would have heard something like: “Xiquilla, don’t spend sixty big bucks on this and do the “Candicrús”, which is free.” That’s what this baby tells you in summary. Everything that I have exposed to you before in a technical and foreign plan is there to show that the subject is controlled, but the important thing is the final opinion free of dust, straw and Anglicisms. On the other hand, I like that it emphasizes narrative, history, characters or setting. Oh, and he gets fucking sociological in quite interesting shorts like “VIOLENCE in Video Games” or “REALISM in Video Games” (ludonarrative dissonance!!).

That, which also gives me that Merluso does not marry anyone, his opinion is independent and rankin from honesty and heart. In addition, I am amused by his comparisons and jokes (so from our land, ársa) and that he dares to affirm that the shooter tactical are eighty percent hiking simulator.

On the other hand, now I can go into a Game store and say that “Elden Ring” is a technical marvel at the open world level, but compared to other FromSoftware titles it is too confusing in development and objectives which hinders its gameplay.

And that a hundred hours of play for a story mode, uuuuuh, that is not acceptable.

More tips for not finding a partner and dying alone surrounded by cats in the next installment of “The Hidden Face”.

Carmine kisses, girls and boys.

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