‘The hotel of the famous 2’: Federico Barón was eliminated from the program

The hotel of the famous 2 is reaching its decisive stages. last Monday, Federico Baron and martin coggi they faced each other in a challenge to decide who is next in competition. The actor gave his best effort, but it wasn’t enough. In this way, the interpreter closed his participation in the most famous hotel in Argentina.

The actor says goodbye to ‘The hotel of the famous 2’

Federico Baron and martin coggi The faces were seen in an extreme circuit. The contestants had the mission to pick up three spears that were in a tower and take them to a shelf that was on the surface. The one who did it in less time, won the competition and would stay one more week in The hotel of the famous 2. unfortunately for Baron, coggi he did it faster and had to abandon the reality of coexistence.

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“If I could change something from when I entered the hotel, it would be to have prepared myself better physically. Train more, smoke less, eat better. But hey, I think that’s how I did everything well. I did a good job here at the hotel,” said the actor .

“I gave it my all, I remain calm for that, happy, my adrenaline is at its peak, I can’t even speak, but I’m leaving very proud,” he added. coggi.

While, martin coggi he was satisfied with his victory; however, he felt sadness to see his friend leave him.

“I knew that my friend was not going to let me down and I was going to give a hundred, but… (he breaks), I’m going to miss him,” said the ex-boxer. One of the presenters, Pampita, was also encouraged to dedicate a few words to the contestants. “Congratulations! Between two competitors who gave their all, with an exciting finish, incredible how close they were in this last instance,” he said. coggi.

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Finally, the actor left happy for the memories he created in the program. Also, she loved spending time with his new friends.

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