The incredible physical change of Jacob Elordi in a film with Ana de Armas, far from Euphoria

Known for being one of the protagonists of the controversial HBO series Euphoria, Jacob Elordi has ventured into other projects that include several films in which he appears with a different image than his fans are used to, the newest of them together with Ana de Armas and Ben Affleck.

Euphoria is the controversial series of HBO based on the Israeli series of the same name created by Ron Leshem and Daphna Levin. It is a teen drama, but due to its use and for many critics, abuse of topics such as sexuality and drug use, it has become the talk of all since its premiere in 2019.

And one of the most complex characters in this complicated plot starring zendayain the main role of the young drug addict, Ruby “Rue” Bennettit is without a doubt Nathaniel “Nate” Jacobsperformed with extreme neatness by the emerging Australian actor, jacob elordi. With a handsome appearance and being the quarterback of the high school football team, nate it has everything you could want, except, as the saying goes, heads we see, hearts we don’t know.

The truth is nate jacobs He has an internal struggle with his sexuality and masculinity, which he is apparently very clear about, but deep down he was marked when he discovered, at the age of 11, a collection of intimate videos of his father that made him grow up with a distorted vision of reality. the character of jacob elordiHe has serious aggressiveness problems, with which he tries to cover up his reality and the fact that he is not very sure of his heterosexuality.

An interesting fact about Euphoriaa series that has led to zendaya to win a prize Emmy for her role as Rue and the first teen drama of HBO Max, is that the name of each of the episodes responds to a rap song. In addition, the story of its protagonist is based on the terrible personal experiences of one of its creators, as well as the design of several characters, which were directly related to the experiences of its actors.

Jacob Elordi jumps back to the big screen at the hands of Ana de Armas and Ben Affleck

Jacob Elordi with Ana de Armas in one of the scenes from “Deep Water”.

While the popularity of jacob elordi continues to rise, the young Australian-born actor, he was one of the stars of the film “Deepwater”starring the first actors Ana de Armas (Mellina Van Allen) and Ben Affleck (Vic Van Allen), and which tells the story of the secrets behind an apparently happy marriage.

In “Deepwater”, jacob elordi plays the role of Richard, a young man who engages in a passionate romance with Mellina Van Allen and who ends up uncovering the woman’s dark secrets. In the feature film, you can see jacob elordi with a much more mature character and as a captivating young man who knows how to conquer his prey, playing the piano or passionately swimming in a pool with Mellina. The film was released on the platform hulu in 2022, after suffering some post-production delays since its completion in 2020.

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