The incredible physical change of Michael Newman after finishing the successful series Baywatch

Michael Newman was the only lifeguard in real life to appear on the Baywatch program, becoming an important character and loved by fans. 34 years after the start of the hit series, Newman’s incredible physical change has shocked many.

Michael Newman he was a Los Angeles County lifeguard and firefighter for more than 20 years. He is known for his role in the hit television series Baywatch playing a fictional lifeguard who shares his real name who ended up being one of the important and favorite characters of the show.

Newman became an actor on the show after originally being hired as a consultant, making him the only real lifeguard to appear on the hit beach show. He played Michael “Newmie” Newman, one of the most experienced lifeguards on the Baywatch team.

Baywatch was a real springboard for some of its protagonists since names like Yasmine Bleeth, Pamela Anderson, Alexandra Paul, Carmen Electra, David Charvet, Jason Momoa, Alexandra Daddario either zac efron, among others. Without forgetting that the very dwayne johnson he was also part of the vigilante staff over the years.

In 1996, Michael Newman even won the National Lifeguard Ironman Championship, a prestigious competition in the guild, and at the end of the Baywatch series, except for a cameo in one of the sequels such as Baywatch Mission Hawaii, he left acting completely. to engage in real estate business. He practiced his new profession with relative normality until in 2011 he announced to the press and his fans that he unfortunately suffered from Parkinson’s.

At just 66 years old, Michael Newman shows a great physical change due to his illness but continues to exercise

Michael Newman has completely abandoned acting

Five years earlier, a tremor in his left hand, which he initially attributed to simple aging, led him to see a doctor, who diagnosed the condition. Michael Newman It took her a long time to realize that she was going to have to reorder her life, after her announcement she has received many signs of support.

the former actor Michael Newman He’s hopeful that advances in stem cell therapy research mean new treatments are on the horizon to help people with the disease, while he spends his days by the pool reminiscing about his former glories as a lifeguard in real life. and at Baywatch.

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