The incredible physical change of Millie Bobby Brown for the final season of Stranger Things

Millie Bobby Brown has just shown her change of look for season 5 of Stranger Things on social networks and it is totally opposite to what fans have seen in her latest roles.

stranger things It is an original series of the platform Netflix who conquered the public with his story. The fictional drama of the Duffer brothers, is currently in production for its season 5 that will put an end to one of the most impressive plots of the last decade with Winona Ryder, david harbor, Noah Schnapp and Sadie Sink as protagonists.

the star of Enola Holmes, Millie Bobby Brownalso integrates the cast of Stranger Things with her interpretation of the enigmatic Eleven who, together with her friends, will face the final test against the Upside Down and the Vecna ​​of Jamie Campbellwho seeks to become increasingly powerful by dominating the dreams of his victims.

Millie Bobby Brown rose to fame out of nowhere. The relatively unknown teen landed the breakout role of her on Stranger Things in 2016. She’s stuck with the show ever since, proving herself to be an incredibly capable actress. However, she has not limited herself to working for the Netflix series and has taken prominent roles in different films after her success with the Duffer brothers show.

Although it may seem otherwise, Stranger Things was not Millie Bobby Brown’s first screen experience. Before becoming Eleven, the young star had a few smaller roles on shows like NCIS, Grey’s Anatomy and Modern Family. This, however, was her first major role with a cast of great actors like David Harbor and Winona Ryder.

Millie Bobby Brown looks completely different for the finale of Stranger Things

After several months away from the set of Stranger Things, Millie Bobby Brown is finally showing herself again to her fans, who recently witnessed the radical makeover of the Eleven actress that left everyone shocked. The star had been wearing her hair in a beautiful light blonde color that made her look very elegant and youthful, something the star loved.

In Stranger Things, Millie Bobby Brown’s character, Eleven, has had long, cropped hair. Evidently the look the star wears for the role of her is from the ’80s, but it looks like she might get an update when the Stranger Things season 5 episodes hit Netflix. On her Instagram account, the interpreter was seen with dark brown hair short on her shoulders, which gives her image much more freedom and freshness.

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