The initials of Zendaya’s ring that moved the internet

Zendaya and Tom Holland may keep their relationship more on the private side, but that doesn’t stop them from gifting us with the occasional “aww”-worthy couple moments (ex: their matching hockey jerseys or their super-cute birthday posts). ). The last indication that they are and will be forever goals? A close look at one of Zendaya’s rings, which appears to be engraved with her boyfriend’s initials.

On Monday, March 20, the actress’s nail artist Marina Dobyk gave the world a glimpse of the sentimental ring by posting an Instagram video detailing Zendaya’s new mani. Simply captioned, “Nails for @zendaya 💓💓💓,” the video featured the star modeling her mane while she wore a black and white striped shirt, black pants, gray slippers, and (of course) the gold ring.

While the piece of jewelry appeared to be engraved with the letters “TH” in cursive (after Tom Holland, whom she has been publicly dating since September 2021), some social media users have argued that it actually looks “ ZH ” — a combination of the actress’s and Holland’s initials.

Zendaya’s accessory debut comes just a month after she sparked engagement rumors by wearing a different type of ring on her Instagram Story. In a snapshot shared in February, the star of Euphoria posted a selfie with a magnified mirror showing a huge diamond ring on what appeared to be her left hand.

ring zendaya selfie
Image. @zendaya

Upon closer inspection, fans realized that the ring was probably actually worn on her right hand (thanks to a camera feature that automatically changes images), but that didn’t stop the internet from descending into a total frenzy.

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