The Key to Safe Dating on Bumble

Bumble is a dating platform that is used not only for those who are looking for a partner, but also for those who want to make friends or find a new professional mentor.

What makes Bumble different from other dating apps?

His motto is: take the first step (take the first step). basically lets a woman decide who she wants to datehow you want to see the meeting and how to propose conditions; anything to make her feel safe and free when dating someone.

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But how does the platform monitor and control cyberbullying while using Bumble? EL TIEMPO attended the conference at said platform’s office in Austin, Texas and He learned about the various strategies used to achieve this goal.

Javier Tuiran, director of communications for Bumble in Latin America, explained that The application was created on the basis of the principles of kindness, stability, respect and justice. To realize these qualities, the special digital security team of this company implemented the following:

1. Private detector allowing through Artificial intelligence detects when a nudity photo is sent without the consent of the other person. At this point, the app is automatically put into “focus wars” mode, so users won’t see it unless they’ve requested it.

2. Another very important element this is photo verification: How do you know if the person you’re talking to is real? Bumble gives you the option to click to request a profile fix. with advanced equipment in the field of artificial technology. So you will understand whether you are talking to the person in the photo or not.

3. Block and Report: If a person’s language or lifestyle is not credible and makes them feel uncomfortable, the user uses this option and goes directly to the platform so they can proceed with the case and take action. actions on this matter.

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How safe do women feel when using a dating app?

A study commissioned by Bumble and conducted by international research firm Ipsos found that cyberbullying in some of its most common forms: body shaming, online sexual harassment and name calling, doxxing, revenge porn and cyberflashing; According to the conference, a significant number of those interviewed in Colombia perceive this as a serious problem, and that, according to the conference, this can happen much more often than people think.

Nearly one in two respondents say they have experienced cyberbullying or know someone who has. However, when analyzed by age group, there are important differences. While 45% of Gen Zers surveyed said they had experienced bullying online or knew someone who had been bullied.only 34% of Generation X respondents agreed with this statement.

For example, in Colombia, 92% of women believe that cyberbullying is more common among women than among men. Hence cyberbullying or cyberbullying is perceived as a problem that mainly affects women (97%) and members of the LGBTQIA+ community (82%) according to respondents.

Women are far from feeling safe and secure in digital spaces

“We spend more and more time in our lives on the Internet. However, women are far from feeling safe and secure in digital spaces. cyberbullying is a relentless, everyday form of violence that makes those who experience it, predominantly women, feel frustrated, abused and vulnerable online,” she said. Payton IhemeVice President of Global Policy at Bumble.

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Now, if the issue is low confidence and security when trying to make an appointment through a dating app, how can you create a profile that is attractive, convenient, and trustworthy for other users?

Marcela Millan, Bamble Senior Manager for North American Markets gave the following tips to make the dating app more user-friendlytaking into account the comfort not only of women, but of all members of society.

Bumble recently announced four new features:

● Best bees– Uses machine learning based on preferences and previous matches to suggest four daily

● Best photos: Best Photo acts as an intelligent photo reorganizer and automatically recommends the image that was the most popular on the profile, increasing the chances of better links.

● Compliments: a pre-match messaging feature that helps people on Bumble even more purposefully start a conversation in a friendly and positive manner.

● Check before shipping: This notification helps make Bumble a friendlier experience when sending a compliment. Bumble uses automation to detect potentially toxic language and, if so,the creator of the compliment will be prompted to review your message, giving you the opportunity to edit it before sending it.

How to show up on Bumble for a date?

-Bumble’s idea is to show himself as he is, without holding back or hindering.

– The main thing is to place a photograph showing your full face so that there is no mistrust.

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-In your profile It is very important to describe yourself, your hobbies, hobbies and favorite activities.i.e. if you are passionate about pets, favorite music, favorite books, etc.

– Last but not least. be yourself, show yourself as you are and as the person you would like them to see.



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