The laboratory, equipped with high technology, is ready to serve the field of tuberculosis and HIV.

This Friday, the authorities of the Ministry of Health opened work on expanding the regional epidemiological laboratory, which will serve the area of ​​tuberculosis and HIV, with high-tech equipment.

According to the information, the expansion consists of two sites for tuberculosis with molecular biological equipment, which will allow for timely diagnosis, culture and research, as well as an HIV site for confirmatory tests, CD4, virology and other studies.

In statements to the media, Dr. Domingo Castro Olayo, director of the Regional Epidemiology Laboratory, said it was important to complete this expansion in order to diagnose the diseases to be treated in a timely manner and ensure effective treatment of patients. .

“In infrastructure alone, we have an investment of 6.1 million cords, and about 4 million cords in equipment,” Castro said.

He added that “as the Ministry of Health, we are happy because the government loves people so much to be able to provide them with health, to be able to equip units and create new units that we need, such as what we have today in the regional laboratory” .

Meanwhile, Dr. Gilma Arias, Head of the Comprehensive Care Program for Women and Children, said the discovery reflects the political will of President Daniel and Vice President Rosario, who have promoted a large number of health projects over the years.

“This is a center that represents a timely and accurate diagnosis, and we can return to continue to take care of our families,” he added.

This laboratory has a trained team of clinical laboratory workers and will serve all municipalities in the Department of Managua.

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