‘The Last of Us’ leads the list of the best series based on video games

The script and character construction make ‘The Last of Us’ a successful series. Photo: taken from Instagram from ‘The Last of Us’

The Last of Us’which is nearing the end of its first seasonis on the podium for the best series based on video game. The HBO MX series is based on the videogame of the same name, developed by Naughty Dog.

The story is about Joe, played by Peter Pascal, who escorts Ellie (Bella Ramsey), through an America in chaos. He protects her in search of a cure for a fungus that traps people’s minds.

‘The Last of Us’ follows the plot of the videogame and it starts the same way. However, in the screen television the level of violence decreases.

craig mazinco-creator of the series with Neil Druckmanexplained that the same level of aggression cannot be shown in the television.

“In a series of televisionif we were constantly gunning down people, since there is no element of game and you’re just seeing it, gets a little numbe,” Mazin said.

‘The Last of Us’, even so, is a trend world and considered by specialists as one of the best series of recent times. The sale of the video game increased by 23%, according to the British media Games Industry.

With this, ‘The Last of Us’ is on the list of the best series inspired by electronic games. What are the others?


It is an animated series that combines 2D and 3D. Its story involves the genres of horror, adventure and fantasy. Hailee steinfeld put your voice to hawkeyein the story set in a magical world where the rich and powerful oppress the marginalized.

In this scenario, two sisters battle to prevent the destruction of the world. Its first chapters were broadcast on Twitch, but it is on the platform Netflix.


The new generations hardly know that the series is based on a videogamewhich premiered in 1996. The series is extensive and features 25 seasons. They even made movies.

Ash, Pikachu and other characters bring excitement to the series.

‘The Witcher’

The series fell in love with the fans of the videogame since its second season. The story is about a man, incarnated by henry cavillwho hunts monsters However, everything changes when he meets a witch and a princess who embody a fight between good and evil. It is broadcast on Netflix.


This series is about the story of a soldier, Master Chief, in the 26th century. It stars Paul Schreiber. In the plot, there is a war between planets with an alien race, which wants to destroy them and gain control of the universe. Master Chief is one of the soldiers who fight to preserve humanity. Airs on Paramount+


It is a series lively, created in the United States, with four seasons. The story tells of Trevor Belmont, a vampire hunter who rivals Dracula. Belmont must stop Dracula, who destroys the countries of Europe.

Trevor joins Sypha Belnades, Grant DaNasty, and Alucard in their fight with their greatest enemy. It is broadcast on Netflix.

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