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  • Moroccan style catwalk

Joaquina Pesantez

Joaquina Pesántez, a crown with a big heart

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The catwalk of the Week of the Madrid Fashiond closed with the parade of Artsi Ifrach and Albert Oikninedesigners of Morocco (North African country), who captivated the attendees with their creations. The first proposes a eclectic fashion, unisexwith much artesanal job and the use of vintage prints and materials. And the second shows his parade of fancy robescrammed with gemstones and embroidery, which are an ode to femininity.

  • Beauty mask powered by NASA

The led technology, or light emitting diodewidely used in the field of beauty to combat the signs of aging, was discovered by the POT in his works on astronaut healing and healing in a zero gravity environment. Now, Dior has launched its own mask with LED lights to achieve younger and more radiant skin. One session lasts 12 minutes. For optimal results, it is required two sessions per week for a month. But if you want to have the machine at home, with the same efficiency, you can purchase it for $3,360. Are you encouraged?

meche chevez

Meche Chévez: “I would chat for hours without looking at the clock with Zinedine Zidane”

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  • Book-shaped luxury bags

With only 26 years, Olympia from Greece shows good taste in fashion, has more than 300,000 followers on Instagram and designs for Olympia Le-Tan Paris. The brand reinvents book covers and classical art printstransforming them into coveted handbags and handmade accessories that have fallen in love with ‘celebrities’ such as Reese Witherspoon and Natalie Portman. On this occasion, there are four luxury book-shaped bags that pay homage to his passion for cocktails. If not, take a look at the suggestive names: Bloody Mary, Dirty Martini, Spicy Margarita and Old Fashioned. The collection ingeniously invites you to taste these drinks thanks to a cocktail recipe that is embroidered on each bag. The value ranges from 1,529 and 1,740 dollars (as you want with or without strip).

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