The love story between Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth that could end in lawsuit

It all started in 2009. While they were shooting the movie ‘The Last Song’, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth they fell in love and tried to take it in secret until almost the premiere of the feature film. Since then, there have been ten years of breakups and reconciliations with a wedding of by means that now it could end up in the courts by a demand of the actor.

When they started dating, she was 16 and he was 19.. The singer said at the time in an interview that she thought the Australian “was the typical handsome and confident guy”, but that she talked to him and realized that she “was the most genuinely precious and sweet person”. “The chemistry was instant,” she stated.

In March of the following year (2010) both attended the Oscars together and the relationship was officially confirmed. Since then they began to be in the media spotlight and the press has been reporting on their almost continuous comings and goings.

Committed since 2012

In 2011 they came out again in a more stable way and in 2012 they got engaged. However, in February 2013 Miley appeared alone at a charity gala and Liam was seen with another actress. Then the breakup rumors started.

Even so, the singer continued to wear her engagement ring and they continued together. In 2013 Miley released ‘Wrecking Ball’ and soon after they broke up again. “Sometimes you have to separate from another person to be happy with who you are, I could never be alone, listen to my thoughts and learn,” the singer stated in an interview.

The new reconciliation came in 2015, when she helped the actor adopt a dog. The two moved in together and Miley started wearing the engagement ring again. This time the relationship between the two was much more stable, but there were moments when both doubted their love, as they have declared “after the fact” in various interviews.

a secret wedding

Liam and Miley on their wedding day

In 2018 the house they lived in burned down, which devastated the couple, especially Miley. On December 24, they were secretly married with very few guests, including her closest friends and family.

«Losing my house did what I could not do for myself, it took me out of what no longer served its purpose (the relationship), while you drown you look for that lifeline (Liam) and you want to save yourself, really marry for me It was a last attempt to save me,” the singer explained years later.

One day after the tenth anniversary of their relationship, they confirmed their separation on social networks, something that, as on previous occasions, had already been rumored in the American press due to various rudeness between the two on some red carpets.

Legal war after ‘Flowers’

Since then, the couple has not returned and now, after the release of ‘Flowers’, the Australian could sue his ex-wife for defamation, according to sources close to the actor. And it is that in the ‘single’, which is already a success by becoming number 1 worldwide, the singer makes many references to Liam and her relationship.

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