The ‘maxi’ models in which you will want to invest this 2023

We have seen them return to our lives in recent months, first on the catwalks and then on the shoulders of our celebrities favourites. Angelina Jolie, Miley Cyrus, Zoë Kravitz and Hailey Bieber are some of the confirmed admirers of XXL bagsthe trending accessories of this 2023 that you will also want to have in your closet.

We have not forgotten about Little by Jacquemuseither of the Kelly of Hermès or the Lady Dior with nods to Princess Diana that influencers like Sara Escudero liked so much. Mini bags have been prevailing for years with the most original volumes and designs: with cubic, oval shapes, in satin, in leather, with removable handles as a shoulder bag or type clutch… The most unique bags that, at the same time, they force us to take little more than what is necessary and essential when going out.

This year, fashion bets on comfort: We already see it in trends like the gorpcore or aesthetics varsity (the one that reminds us of the style of college athletes). The it girls They know it and they show it in their street style decisions, such as Angelina Jolie, who bets on a classic style but renewed by combining bags of impressive dimensions with jeans and heels. They also accompany her Jennifer Lopez and Grege Ghanemone of the most followed instagrammers in the last year.

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The fever of the ‘maxi’ bags is imposed by houses like Yves Saint Laurent, who triumphs with the Icare model. Its flagship product since the end of last year continues to attract attention thanks to its functional design and versatility that allows us to exploit all its possibilities whether we go out for an aperitif or if we want to bet on a night out look more casual. The simplicity and minimalism of his shopper (whose price is around 3,900 euros) is completed with a quilted finish and a gold logo on the front.

vivetta He also surprised at Milan Fashion Week with his stylish bag puffy that you can find in white, candy pink and baby blue, and with which we can assure you that you will not go unnoticed.

Vivetta bets on imposing dimensions and pastel colors

Vivetta’s official account on Instagram

The tote bags they are also back with Prada (and its model of embroidered fabric with a triangular pattern) and Christian Dior. Beyond the luxury industry, the maximalist trend offers a wide variety of options and these are for all budgets. Zara offers bags with a price range that goes from 22.95 euros to 99.95 euros.

The quilting lovers they will prefer the Bimba y Lola nylon bag with bowa model that you can buy on its website for 117 euros and in which you can carry all your essentials thanks to its generous measurements.

Black tie shopper bag

bimba and lola

Besides being functional, bags can say a lot about who we are, and If what you want is to bring out your most artistic side, you can take a look at Cord Studio’s proposalsmade with canvas cut and sewn by hand so that you can take with you an accessory that is as special as it is durable.

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