The most fashionable underwear Hailey Bieber has ever worn is strapless.

For Hailey Bieber pleated trousers are the new chinos and slip dress no more Slip dress. We always identify this spaghetti strap with the classic ivory satin nightgown that got out of bed many seasons ago to conquer the world. However, Hailey Bieber removed the suspenders and presents this thing more fashionable, elegant and even more nocturnal.

So Bieber left the restaurant in Los Angeles, loaded with a paper bag with the remains of dinner and looks What break with what we knew as underwear. Because it has the basics of this oft-recurring piece of clothing: shiny fabric, a nightgown look (classic rather than modern), a midi cut and a slightly form-fitting fit.

The premiere of the model is, in fact, a vintage item from the 90s, purchased in a boutique. Villa AmourVintage, one of his favorites. WITH strapless neckline Covered in lace, this satin dress is so elegant and so night-time that you won’t miss the spaghetti straps.

In fact, the lack of straps makes it look more festive and less like a nightgown. AND take one’s word of honor this is something that should happen from time to time, especially when the 90s is the current vintage. Yes, in that decade, this neckline reigned on and off the red carpet, although now we remember only spaghetti straps.

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