The most humiliated player in the Premier League and an unprecedented punishment

07/21/2023 at 15:34


Football is a sport for the masses with heroes… and anti-heroes. An ongoing story in which the public also needs villains, albeit playing with their own colors. At Manchester United, it’s Harry Maguire. The English centre-back, who plays for the Pross national team, has been destroying his image from the inside to become a “meme” not only for opponents, but also for his public, fed up with constant failures and a personality far from what the Red Devils demand from their captain. This bracelet was recently removed from his hand by Ten Hag.

The Dutch manager of United unilaterally decided to leave him without the captain’s armband so that Bruno Fernandes could inherit it. “I am extremely disappointed with the arguments that the coach gave me,” Maguire complained on his social networks, three years after Solskjaer granted him the privilege of occupying this privileged position in the dressing room. Among United fans, however, the measure was greeted with jubilation. This is an amazing phenomenon that makes the A-5 the most humiliated player in the tournament, and this is an unprecedented punishment.

It remains to be seen if Maguire will continue to be a red devil next season. “I will continue to give my best every time I put on this shirt,” the player insisted in a statement in response to the change of captain. His signing in 2018 went around the world, becoming the most expensive defender on the planet at the time. A former Leicester, he left the Foxes for €87m, which comes across as a more expensive expense over time, if that’s possible. Now its market value is close, he says. transfer market, 20 million euros. It remains to be seen if any team will dare to pay them.

Clearly on the starting ramp, the English press is now talking about offers from Chelsea, but the truth is that Betfair’s predictions see few solutions in this case. Its continuity is the option that is listed with the most likely odds (€1.7 per euro wagered) and the next alternatives are West Ham (2.75) or Tottenham (7.0). Mauricio Pochettino’s new children’s track on the Stanford Bridge is now trading at 8.5.

Maguire, Manchester United meme

There are voices in the Old Trafford environment asking him to leave. But not for reasons attributed to extremely aggressive fans towards the player, but because of their own dignity. Rio Ferdinand (also a former United captain and now commentator) did just that recently when he insisted that if he stayed he would become a “homegrown player”. (text words) on the Ten Hag bench. In translation: the Dutch will not count on him and will turn from a captain into a joke.

It is, anecdotes, that the career is plagued by many bad acts (some due to pure bad luck) that ultimately tarnished Maguire’s image. In Spain, for example, the one that allowed Sevilla to draw with two at Old Trafford in a recent match both played in the Europa League was known. With the score 2-1 to the English, En Nesiri headed a cross from the right, which comically hit Maguire in the head and hit De Gea, who was confused by this goal. For many, this was the last straw of patience among the red devils.

A mania that also spread to the English side, where many non-United fans raised a flag of dislike for his own supporters to also demand that he not play for Pross. At the last World Cup, the player redeemed himself with good performances and even admitted that he knows how to deal with criticism so that it does not affect him even more.

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