The most impressive physical changes in football players

Cristiano Ronaldo made some cosmetic updates.Zumapress/Cordon Press

It is often said that there are no ugly people, there are people without opportunities. If we look at some of the most famous football players in the world, we can find a few examples that could confirm this. In the world of football, athletes are not just players, but also big stars with a huge power of influence, which is of great interest to brands. We have proof of this Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese star is not only one of the greatest footballers in history, but also the person with the most followers on Instagram, one of the social networks of the moment.

Bug, who at the end of 2022 signed a one-million contract until 2025 with Al-Nasr from Saudi Arabia, under which he will take more than 200 million per season, add more than 551 million followers to this social networka figure that puts him ahead of other stars such as singer Ariana Grande, actor Dwayne Johnson or model and influencer Kylie Jenner, and this makes him an asset of great interest to brands.

According to Hopper HQ, a social media portal, For every promotional post that Cristiano Ronaldo uploads to his Instagram profile, he earns a whopping $1.6 million., which is about 1.35 million euros, more than any other user of the social network. Moreover, for a whole year, it is estimated that a footballer can receive about 40 million euros for his work on this platform. Almost nothing.

The success that Cristiano Ronaldo has achieved on Instagram is due not only to his undeniable football skills, but also to his appearance and physique. And that’s what In the advertising world, image is everything.. Therefore, it is not surprising that the Portuguese star, in addition to sweating a greasy drop in the gym, underwent surgery a couple of times to improve her appearance.

football player her nose was retouched, she underwent maxillofacial surgery to improve the middle and lower third, had Botox to reduce wrinkles, and had an endoscopic frontoplasty to reposition her eyebrows. In addition, he also underwent orthodontics, ultrasonic liposculpture was done to further define his abs and, most surprisingly, I came to get Botox in the genital area and in particular on the penis. No more no less.

The most amazing physical changes in football players

Cristiano’s actions may be surprising, but The Beetle is not the only footballer who has resorted to cosmetic surgery to change his physique.

football player Hector Herrerawho currently plays for the Houston Dynamo in Houston, USA, back in Porto de Portugal underwent surgery to undergo two courses of treatment.: functional rhinoplasty and otoplasty, which, according to him, he wanted to breathe easier. As a result, the face turned out to be unrecognizable, with a straighter nose and ears located closer to the head.

These operations It’s the same thing that Leo Messi did.who over the years has greatly changed his appearance, retouching his nose and ears.

Sergio Ramos, who recently returned to the news center after it was announced that he would no longer play for the national team, another resorted to aesthetic treatment. Former Real Madrid captain and current PSG defender. she got botox, fillers and hyaluronic acidwore orthodontic equipment and had a rhinoplasty after being hit during a game.

Iker Casillas and David Beckham These are two more football players who wanted to improve their appearance with the help of outside help.. In their case, yes, they wanted to fight alopecia, so they got a hair transplant. Gareth Bale, who announced his retirement from football at the beginning of the year, also underwent surgery: in his case, he underwent otoplasty to remove his protruding ears. and they like it many other stars have radically changed their physique after surgery. And, as they say, everything is possible with money. Even beauty.

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