The movie on Netflix that all women must see to recognize their greatness

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Society has been in charge of doing less everything that has to do with feminine aspirations, as if they did not exist. Little by little this condition has shown cracks, but there are still stretches to go; that is why we now bring you one movie of netflix with which you can recognize all your greatness and seek even the most ambitious of your goals.

The movie we are talking about is little womenwhich, in addition to making you have a good time, will give you an extremely important message, we will tell you what it is below.

The work has been so successful that it has had 7 adaptations to the big screen, but 2019 is one of the most important and the best thing is that you can now enjoy it on Netflix. So if you are looking for something that inspires you to follow your dreams this movie is for you.

What is the movie about little women?

According to the synopsis of Netflix: “Determined to make her way in the 1860s, a writer looks back on the hard, yet sweet times she spent with her three tenacious sisters and a close friend.”

The plot of this film is based on the constant desire to “be what you want to be.” The adventure followed by the protagonist Jo March (Saoirse Ronan), is that of someone who wants to stand out in a world in which it is almost “impossible to do so; she wants to publish a novel, but to do so she has to submit her ideas and mold them to what society dictates.

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In little women You will be able to see the path and the struggles that the protagonist and her sisters face to achieve their goals, each one different but no less important.

What is the message of the movie little women?

Is movie who just arrived at Netflix it has messages everywhere, the complexity of each character will help you connect quickly, but if there is one thing you can rescue it is the following: your desires, thoughts, emotions and goals are the most important thing, no social norm should be above.

“I’m tired of people saying that love is the only thing a woman is made for”, these lines could define a large part of little women. Women are more than their history with a man, they are more than “partner” status: they have ambitions and desires.

This is the message that you must follow to recognize your greatness: you are more than what society says you have to be. No matter what your goals are, do everything to bring them to reality. If they match social norms, go ahead, and if not, too.

Credits: Netflix

why see little women on netflix?

One of the main reasons to see little women It is his powerful speech, which we already told you about, but you should also see it for the legacy it has built within the history of cinema and popular culture.

This film is based on the famous novel by the American writer, Louisa May Alcott. This premiered in 1868 but her legacy is still valuable for present generations. They have adapted it to the cinema on 7 occasions but the one that was launched in 2019 is one of the most complete.

In 2020 she was nominated for 6 Oscar Awards (among them best movie) and won the award for best costume design. In addition, it was classified as one of the best of the year and today it remains valid as an inspiring story that will motivate you to achieve everything you set your mind to. If you liked this recommendation and want more, follow our Facebook page.

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