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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck They are one of the most mediatic couples in hollywood And after several twists and turns, the singer and the actor decided to resume their failed romance and that was how they surprised by showing themselves together again. Not only that, the artists went further and last year they got married in the middle of a romantic ceremony in which they said yes.

However, the couple would have had a crisis starting this year 2023 and this was noted by various media outlets that showed the couple further and further away or in discussions and faces of discontent.

After a few difficult weeks, the couple already looks better in their public appearances because it has been known that Ben Aflleck wants to make Jennifer Lopez very happy and for this it has transpired that the actor has bought a mansion to be able to live there with all his children.

The Affleck Lopez’s new home is valued at approximately $35 million and has a large surface area. In addition, everything indicates that Jennifer Lopez will go on tour, so Ben Affleck will have to sacrifice himself and make all the preparations for the move.

It transpired that Ben Affleck will do all the tasks of the always tedious family move that includes the 5 children they both have. The award-winning actor also seeks to recover the good relationship with his wife.

According to sources close to Jennifer Lopez, the singer of “On the floor” would have left Ben in charge of everything related to the move, while she prepares her next tour.

For his part, Ben Affleck for some years has had a lower profile and more dedicated to his private life as the actor faced a series of quite complex conflicts with addictions.

At the beginning of the 2000s, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck gave something to talk about by confirming the romance they had, being the most mediatic at that time when there was no time when the paparazzi stopped following them wherever they went. .


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