the new psychological thriller from Movistar Plus

The gender of terror has remained one of the favorites of the seventh art over the years, and to please its followers, Movistar Plus has decided to add menua suspense thriller created by A24study also responsible for Pearl (2022).

Synopsis of Men

This film follows Harper, a woman who after the death of her husband decides to travel to London to isolate herself and heal emotionally; although the process is much more complicated than it seems. In the midst of confusion and pain, a series of strange events begin to occur around her, unleashing a spiral of bullying and aggression where every man she meets has the same face.

Thus, this film offers an analysis about the toxic masculinity and socially accepted micromachismo, such as verbal aggression or bullying. harassmentrepresented by characters that increase throughout the plot.

The good and the bad of Men

Particularly, it can be said that the core of this story directed by alex garland (Ex Machina) is intriguing right off the bat, and there are a number of situations that the audience can easily relate to, plus the soundtrack and photography manage to create a tense atmospherewhich can lead to anxiety or stress while watching the film.

That said, Men is not a film suitable for all audiences (because of the issues it deals with), something similar to what happened with Mother in 2017, a film starring Jennifer Lawrence, and with which some Internet users have made comparisons. In addition, we must highlight the work of Jessie Buckley, whose paranoia is almost palpable (more so at the climax of the film), as well as the guilt that she assigns to her for the death of her ex-partner.

However, all the good work of the production falters during the final stretch of the story, which has to tell the truth feels incoherent, which can be related to the 39% acceptance that the audience gave it on Rotten Tomatoes. Broadly speaking, Alex Garland had an original and interesting idea, but whose ambition was not executed in the best way.

When does Men arrive at Movistar Plus?

The tape will be available for streaming from March 5, 2023, and features performances by Jessie Buckley, Rory Kinnear, Paapa Essiedu, Gayle Rankin, and Zak Rothera-Oxley. @mundiario

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