The New York Times Disbands Sports Department

( International media. – Prestigious American media. New York Times announced that it would be disbanding its sports department, so from now on, these issues will be addressed on its website, The Athletic, both online and in print form.

“We plan to focus even more on breaking news and business journalism about how sport intersects with money, power, culture, politics and society at large,” wrote Joe Kahn, executive editor of the magazine. The Times and Monica Drakedeputy editor-in-chief, according to an article published on Monday by the publication.

“At the same time, we will reduce news coverage of games, players, teams and leagues,” they added.

The sports department of the newspaper employs 35 journalists and editors.

This measure is a great integration in the newsroom Athletic, which The Times bought in January 2022 for $550 million.

The sports staff will be responsible for the coverage of sporting events.

According to Kahn and Drake, reporters from the sports department will move on to other roles in the newsroom, and there have been no layoffs.

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