The “other” children of Maria Teresa Campos, who were always by her side.

Maria Teresa Campos had the opportunity to start a family at work. In a profession such as his, which permeated every area of ​​his life, the people with whom he shared his working time ended up becoming very close beings; to the extent that they are considered children (or almost). We are talking about Gustavo, the man who saved his life in 2017 and who will become his shadow in his final days, and also Rocío Carrasco, whom Terelu and Carmen have always referred to as their “sister”.

Maria Teresa Campos, always on the side of Rocio Carrasco

Falling in love with Rocio Carrasco happened on television, but came from afar. She was the daughter of one of her great friends. Rocío Jurado and Maria Teresa Campos cemented their friendship both on and off the set. They went to the same parties together, attended the same clubs, and shared countless revelations. Some of the best interviews The Greatest gave were to other greats (journalism). She has been treating Carrasco since she was a child, so when after trying her luck in the world of modeling and a little foray into Telechinko with scandalous father Apeles, it’s no surprise that Maria Teresa signed her up for her film Day by Day. Yuri’s untimely death at the age of just 61 brought them closer.

Rocio Carrasco was orphaned by his father and mother in 2005.. I was alone in the world. Fidel Albiac, the love of her life, kept her afloat in a relentless drift that crystallized in 2012 with the aggression she experienced from her own daughter. After that, she needed a solid mattress made of people who really loved her and were by her side. That they listen to her without judging, that they understand her. And she was supported by Maria Teresa Campos. Acting like the mother she lost and being the shoulder Rocío needed to let loose or just cry.

“Rocio, your daughter will raise her head and justice will be done,” said Maria Teresa Campos in What a Happy Time. So the idea of ​​giving Carrasco an in-depth interview was impossible. Years later, she will not only give it away, but also make a documentary about her life, focusing on the indirect abuse she has suffered since she met the father of her two children. The presenter applauded this decision and her courage, becoming one of her main supporters. Meaning that now, finally, everyone would be able to recognize the testimony that she had known for many years and for which she had always stood by.

Rocío Carrasco received some of her greatest professional opportunities from Maria Teresa Campos.


Rocío Carrasco was another guest at family reunions in Las Campos who was welcomed from the very first moment. Maria Teresa felt she was like a daughter, just as Terela and Carmen saw her as another sister. Her response was to completely immerse herself in her new family and always be available to them. If any of them were suffering from medical concerns, Rocío was there. After the stroke of the matriarch, in 2017, she did not leave the hospital ward, where she was, worrying like another descendant of malaguena.

Gustavo, the “son” who made her happy in her weakest moments

The stroke that Maria Teresa Campos suffered was also closely linked to the one in which she acknowledged another son. Gustavo has devoted 35 years of his professional life to working with the presenter. He was his right hand, much more than the family paid driver. It was his biggest support. It was he who, on that May morning in 2017, when Maria Teresa Campos fell ill, noticed signs of a stroke in her and immediately took her to the hospital. This saved his life. Thanks to his very quick actions, Maria Teresa was diagnosed and a stroke protocol was drawn up. I will always be by her side.

Gustavo was the shadow of Maria Teresa Campos for 35 years. He did not separate from her and was her maximum support.


When the host felt weaker, but wanted to go for a walk, Gustavo got into the car and they walked together through the streets of Madrid. The sun shone through the window, and she felt the winter heat. He felt at ease, happy and safe. When you had to get out of the car, there was always the firm hand of the son you never had. Accompany her and support her. She carried Lulu in her carrier, the dog Terela, who eventually became the best companion for her parent. After living with a small animal for a while, Maria Teresa did not know and did not want to be without her.

“Mom’s joy every day is you. Every day we’re away from work, it’s you, it’s Lula, it’s those walks in Madrid that sing and have fun,” Terelu Gustavo told Salvam when the driver’s loyalty was called into question. He was touched because for him Campos mean the same thing, he replied: “We are a family, we have always been united. And that’s why we need to keep going.” This promise, in the absence of the matriarch, is stronger than ever. It’s time to go through your duel together.

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