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In one of the last chapters And just like thatseries continuing the story sex in new york the man Seema (Sarita Chowdhury) is dating tells her that she may need “extra help” in bed. He suffers from erectile dysfunction, which, according to the Sanitas portal, affects about one in ten men in Spain and increases with age, as more than 50% of men aged 40 to 70 experience it at some point. In Europe, more than 30 million men have some degree of erectile dysfunction, and by 2025 this figure will increase to about 43 million.

What extra help does Sima’s boyfriend need? Vacuum pump for the penis. “This device is used to help men with erection problems or erectile dysfunction achieve an erection,” explains Andres Suro, sexologist for men’s health brand MYHIXEL. “It consists of a plastic or glass cylinder that is placed on the penis and creates a vacuum around it. When air is evacuated from the cylinder, the pressure inside the cylinder decreases, which leads to blood flow to the penis, creating an erection. Once an erection is achieved, a constriction ring is placed at the base of the penis to keep blood in the area and prolong the erection. After intercourse, or if desired, the ring is removed so that the blood can return to the body.

In 1988, 35 years ago, the newspaper EL PAÍS reported that the artifact was in the process of being sanitary registered and commercialized in Spain, and that its price, adjusted for its value in US dollars, could be as high as an exorbitant 37,000 pesetas (which would mean being about 223 euros at the exchange rate at that time and, adjusted for inflation, 575 euros at the current exchange rate). Today on various sites of sexual health products you can find vacuum pumps for the penis from 15 to 100 euros.

This is not the first time the series has introduced sex products and toys into the conversation. In the episode of the original sex in new york Charlotte became addicted to the vibrator to the point where she never left the house again; in another, Miranda watches her new housekeeper swap one of her dildos for a virgin figure, and in another, Samantha discovers the pleasure of intercourse. The series also dealt with erectile dysfunction, from men needing Viagra to dating premature ejaculation. In the previous episode of the final season, “And Just Like That,” Miranda used a harness to have sex with her partner Che (yes, Che, that character). Dr. François Peynado, a urological surgeon specializing in sexual medicine, adds important information that is less friendly than what the fiction suggests. “Vacuum devices induce erections with venous blood, so they can produce a colder or even more bluish penis. The ring should be removed no later than 30 minutes after insertion, as the blood inside the penis is venous and low in oxygen. Metal or very hard rings should not be used because in some cases the patient had to go to the emergency room to have them removed,” he notes.

Behind the penis

The Epidemiology of Male Erectile Dysfunction (EDEM) study shows that impotence is a problem affecting 18.9% of men aged 25 to 70 in Spain. However, more than half of the participants do not appear to be worried about their impotence issues, with only 16.5% choosing to see a doctor. Conclusion? Erectile dysfunction is still one of the last taboos. Appearing on a series that captures the audience is always positive. But it would also be positive if scenes of sexual intimacy were shown in which penetration, erection or ejaculation is not a necessary goal.

“Many times we forget or don’t realize that an erotic encounter, in addition to the possible crossing of the genitals, is about the collision of two people who want to be together,” explains Sigrid Cervera, reference sexologist from the Museum of Erotica in Barcelona. (OIE). “With or without size, with or without erection, with or without penetration. The term “erectile dysfunction” is still a diagnostic unit that has become widespread, contributing to the problematization of the erotic and love experience of many people who come to the clinic with an already diagnosed diagnosis. As a sexologist, I prefer to talk about common difficulties and I would add, quoting (famous British sexologist) Havelock Ellis, that there are more cultivated varieties in the field of sexuality than curable disorders.

In MEB, by the way, Jes-Extender is exposed. A product widely distributed in Spain’s late-night teleshops in the 1990s was a small phenomenon (almost viral before the Internet took off) that had already given products marketed as male sexuality solutions a brief glimpse in Spain. Some phrases from his delusional campaign were part of normal conversation. “It grows on you, but most of all, your satisfaction grows,” the actor said. “I like big ones,” said one actress. The server reminds that the device is exhibited simply as a curiosity. Its use without the supervision of a specialist (who was happily recommended by this advertisement) is highly discouraged. Dr. François Peynado, for example, considers the guidance and advice of a medical professional specializing in erectile dysfunction or a urologist to be essential. “The doctor can assess the patient’s condition, determine the underlying cause of erectile dysfunction, and determine if a vacuum pump is a safe and appropriate option for your particular situation. In addition, the doctor will provide appropriate instructions for the safe and effective use of the device. These devices, when used correctly, have high success rates, but patient satisfaction varies greatly and dropout rates are high. The most common side effects are pain, swelling of the penis, and slight bruising. They can also cause difficulty with ejaculation,” he warns.

There is one thing I want to tell you

The most amazing thing about this episode and just like that It is not only the use of a penile vacuum pump, but how the presence of objects associated with health or sexual pleasure increases during the episode. After having sex and not reaching an orgasm, Seema pulls out a golden vibrator to break up, and her lover is offended. “I wake up with your erection vacuum pump in the kitchen sink and this is supposed to shock us?” she asks him. Is it appropriate to inform your partner or sexual partner of its use if they are casual lovers? Andres Suro points out that open and honest communication is essential to ensure that both parties feel comfortable and agree with any element involved in the sexual experience, including the use of devices such as a penis pump. “If you’re going to use it during a meeting, it’s a good idea to let your partner know before doing so. Communicating your intentions and use of any device or sex toy is a show of respect and consideration for the other person and allows them to make an informed decision about their participation,” he recommends.

“It is critical to overcome the stigma associated with erectile dysfunction and promote greater openness and understanding of sexual health,” concludes Dr. Peynado. And it seems that the appearance of these problems (and their possible solutions) in the most watched series on the platforms helps too. “The more people talk about it, the easier it will be for men.”

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