The questionable method used by the unrecognized son of “El Puma” José Luis Rodríguez to promote his wines

Undoubtedly the presence of Cougar Jr. on social networks since its inception has been controversial since this man for years claims to be the biological son of José Luis Rodríguez, the famous singer who never wanted to admit the paternity of this man despite the enormous resemblance they have to each other. Once again and as a result of his publications in the social networks Cougar Jr. It has made news again but this time due to the controversial way of promoting a product launched on the market by itself.

This product is nothing more and nothing less than a wine. The unrecognized son of Jose Luis Rodriguez decided to launch his own brand of wine and to promote it El Puma Jr. decided to show himself in the social networks, more specifically in his Instagram stories with two young models who are apparently the ones who are promoting this new product with him. Besides Cougar Jr. He also decided to highlight that owning one’s own wine is a strategy used by important celebrities worldwide, such as Angelina Jolie.

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