The reason why Noel Gallagher criticized Sam Smith and current pop

Oh yes, we have one more of the Gallaghers. We know that the brothers – even if they can’t be seen in paint – love to talk about the music industry and give their “honest opinions” of the artists or bands of the moment. However, now we are left with a square eye because Noel Gallagher criticized Sam Smith and flatly went for the jugular to the pop stars current.

Since September 2019, Smith announced that he recognized himself as gender fluid and asked that pronouns such as they/them be used to identify him.. In addition to Sam, Demi Lovato has also identified herself in the same way, but it seems that some – like Noel – believe that gender diversity is affecting the industry… or something like that.

Noel Gallagher playing at Glastonbury 2022/Photo: Getty Images

Noel Gallagher criticized Sam Smith and current pop stars

It turns out that in a recent interview for the Dutch radio station called Kink, Noel Gallagher criticized Sam Smith and almost all the stars of today. In accordance with The Mirrorthe Hight Flying Birds frontman spoke about the state of pop and the figures that represent it, which he considers leave much to be desired.

“Music has been quite fractured and the charts are dominated by pop. Pop music is okay if the pop stars are cool. Unfortunately, today’s stars are idiots”said Noel Gallagher. When asked who he thought was not cool, without thinking he answered that Sam Smith.

Sam Smith with Kim Petras at the 2023 Grammys/Photo: Getty Images

Noel Gallagher is not the only one who has showered it with Sam Smith’s pronouns

Of course the drivers wanted to get the soup out of him and when questioned why he had referred to Sam Smith in that way (and without using the pronouns for non-binary gender), Noel Gallagher simply said: “Look at it!”. Should we be impressed by what Noel said? Of course not, but it seems that the music industry is having a hard time adapting to gender diversity.

Some days ago, Smith Corrected The One Show Host Alex Jones After He Misgendered During Interview. The same thing happened with Shawn Mendes when he praised his performance on the iHeartRadio Christmas show without using the ideal pronounsto which Sam replied not to worry, because “we are all learning together”.

And yes, we should also mention Morrissey, who took out Capitol Records for “promoting Satanism” by Sam Smith. Either way, the fact that Noel Gallagher criticized Sam did not go unnoticed, since many consider that he did it to make fun of him and not because he forgot to refer to Smith with the correct pronouns. What do you think about it? We want to read his opinions.

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