The Ritchie effect and the irresistible return of classic style

Her last name predates her, but the younger generation knows Sofia Richie more because of her role as a content creator than because she is the daughter of the legendary Lionel Richie and the sister of media icon Nicole Richie. two thousandth unforgettable. Known since birth, her name has been in the magazines for years, but it was after her wedding last April that Sofia caught the attention of fashion lovers from all over the world who rediscovered classic, sophisticated style from a certain point of view. – something that does not pay attention to the fashion of the year 2000 that flooded the streets.

Chanel Sofia Richie

Be a classic beyond the white shirt: Sofia Richie in a mini dress and original ankle boots with mesh and bow – all from Chanel.

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Origin of the “Ritchie” effect

He called the Ritchie effect, it began to form last April.. 24 year old young businesswoman and content creator gave Yes, I want recording executive Elliot Grange wedding on the french rivieraespecially in the idyllic Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc. for the big day Richie trusted Chanel, the firm behind the three wedding looks she wore during the ceremony and gala. The days before and after the wedding were also festive, so the showcase of bridal looks captivated tens of thousands of followers waiting for a wardrobe change from the style designer. Among the designs is a Chanel-inspired mini dress worn by Claudia Schiffer on the catwalk in 1993. These outfits walked around the virtual world and reflected the influence of Sofia Richie on fashion. According to the Lyst platform, as a result of their performances Searches for Chanel increased by 300% within hours of the event. Even the shoes worn by the bride are famous sandals belonging housethe number of search queries increased by 40%.

Fair a few days after the weddingperhaps aware of their interest in the midst of their honeymoon with her new husband, he decided to open a profile on TikTok. At the moment, his videos are viewed by more than three million subscribers, almost all on the topic of GRWM: Get ready with me for a honeymoon look, a Chanel fashion show, a Mother’s Day brunch…

Beige color like the tone of the star

Classicism and simplicity define Ritchie’s choice, designed with stylist Liat Baruch. His More recently, the style has evolved to simplify and embrace the principle of “less is more” at its most sophisticated.. One need only look at Sophia’s Street Style looks over time to see this transformation: if in the past she often chose mixtures of colors Kardashian which we can easily imagine among Coachella festival goers who are friendly with all trends, currently opting for bright basic clothing and accessories with a distinctly timeless character.

Sophia Richie Classic Looks

Prints are conspicuous by their absence from the wardrobe, which is dominated by neutral tones with a heavy dominance of earthy colors, and beige is a link to many of her looks. In the picture, three outfits are seen on the streets of Los Angeles.

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This minimalist essence is also evident in the color palette that dominates her wardrobe, with a very prominent presence of neutral tones. He beige, a color closely associated with the label of quiet luxuryone of the recurring shades in her wardrobe, shimmers with earthy tones at any time of the year: from creamy vanilla to camel and caramel.

Followers of the “Richie” style

The aforementioned Ritchie effect was not only reflected in internet searches or his increased presence on social media. his classic style bears a certain resemblance to the old money aesthetic, although somewhat more modern, it is not limited to the timeless white shirt or references to the iconic Jackie Kennedy or Caroline Bessette.. It also cannot be called quiet luxury. since many of their rates are directly opposite, obviously luxurious, with the status conferred by a logo like Chanel.

A few weeks after the wedding, Richie’s classic style began to win. style icons who never showed much interest in key combinations neat. Kylie Jenner is perhaps the most telling example. And the one that was talked about the most. In her last public appearances on the streets of Paris, just a month after Richie’s wedding, the powerful businesswoman was photographed in a variety of minimalist looks that deviated from her usual outfits.

Kylie Jenner classic Chanel look

In her latest appearances, Kylie Jenner has shown that she is in her “minimalist era”. Wearing a Chanel jacket and mini dress with black pumps in Paris a few weeks ago.

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Besides using neutral colors, another key feature of Richie’s classic style is the use of comfortable, flat shoes. Of course, in its most elegant version. No slippers. The Elsa Hosk top showcases Mary Jane’s endless possibilities when paired with a dress. The New Look silhouette, a cut that, by the way, gained new fame on the catwalks., another sign of this wave of conservative style.

elsa hosk style

Model Elsa Hosk also championed a classic style of effortless inspiration, where the absence of unnecessary embellishments emphasizes the timeless nature of clothing and accessories.

Jacopo Raoul//Getty Images

Model Hailey Bieber, ardent fan sneakerswas also convinced by the trend as shown last June. For dinner with her husband, she chose a discreet pink satin dress from Anna October, paired with spiky ballerinas from Saint Laurent.

With summer approaching, it seems like the big fashion of the season is clear. low waist skirts, micro tops 2000ers and platform sandals have found unexpected competition in classic pieces promoted by girls who love the most formal style, as well as among those who seek to distance themselves from the aesthetic codes closest to the trends, although, paradoxically, this means accepting the basics. Always.

Hailey Baldwin with ballerinas

Hailey Baldwin showed that classic style also has a place in her images. The epitome of “less is more” can be seen in this set of Anna October satin dress and Saint Laurent flats.

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