The secret of abdominal pyrolipolysis, treatment…

It’s not always easy remove fat located in some parts of the body. He abdomen This is one of the hardest parts to remove. In everyday life, not all of us have time that we would like to devote to taking care of our health. body. And that’s something good Eating Habits and regular exercise sometimes eludes us and negatively affects our appearance. fat accumulation. However, many times genetic or hormonal aspects they make it harder than usual.

In this sense body treatments they become excellent allies in achieving this goal. liposuction This is usually the first thing that comes to mind when we want to get rid of “love handles”. This intervention has a negative point: need to go through the operating room. This is a difficult step that not everyone is capable of. Next, we give you a solution if you want to lose this belly, getting the same effect as “lipo” and without surgery.

Fat in abdomen Removing it is the hardest. Dr. Lagens tells us why: “Fat abdomen It is a stable fat because it turns into a very fibrous fat that is not mobilized by anything, neither exercise nor diet. This fibrosis occurs in both men and women and cases also increase with age as there is a greater tendency to create cellulite“.


when we think about get rid of belly fat The same decision comes to our mind. Not everyone is ready to undergo an invasive intervention. The solution lies in the use of additional methods, such as treatment Abdominal pyrolipolysis.

“This is a body remodeling procedure that affects tissues through heat generated by two types of radio frequencies,” comments Dr. Dr. Lagens. These two types of RF conversation are:

BodyFX. Provides precise and optimal heat that acts on fat through a combination of bipolar radio frequency with vacuum massage, which allows maximum working depth.

Form Plus. Subcutaneous bipolar radio frequency what causes processes neocollagenesis And elastogenesis to tighten the skin.

One hour protocol divided into: 30 minutes Body FX and 30 minutes Form Plus. Usually quantity sessions round between 3, 6 or 9, depending on each patient and the amount of abdominal fat to be removed. Results start showing up third session in which there is a softer, much smoother, tightened and reduced abdomen.

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