The secret of Ana Armas’s skin is not in the cream, but in the cold laser

Ana de Armas surprised everyone her biggest beauty secret: LYMA cold lasera device she uses for her daily skin care routine that can be used in some beauty salons or applied at home.

Ana de Armas’ beauty secret

Without makeup and with absolutely clear skin, Ana de Armas surprised everyone with her biggest beauty secret during a live broadcast on her Instagram account.

The LYMA device is ideal for daily use at home. Combines all the properties of laser systems in the best dermatological clinics. It is 100 times more powerful than a traditional LED light fixture, completely safe and painless. In Spain We can find this device exclusively at the Wellness Boutique Experience clinic.

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This cold laser achieves results in many types of needs such as: “reduce the appearance and prevent wrinkles, improve acne, even out skin tone, increase brightness, reduce the appearance of stretch marks, soothe rosacea, improve the appearance of scars, reduce spider veins, improve the appearance of cellulite and promote faster recovery from joint injuries , ligaments and muscles, concludes Maria Casado, cosmetologist and owner of the clinic.

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