The shoes that Carlos Alcaraz wears in these interviews are talked about all over the world.

Carlos Alcaras defeated Italy’s Matteo Arnaldi 6-3, 6-3 and 6-4 in one hour and 57 minutes in the US Open Round of 16 and is already in the quarterfinals of a tournament he won last year. .

On social media, the Murcia tennis player is giving people the opportunity to talk about the sneakers he wore during post-match interviews: Travis Scott’s new Nike Attack, one of the brand’s biggest launches this year, and that was the shoe. Designed for John McEnroe, tennis legend of the 80s.

“I’m a big fan of sneakers,” Alcaraz said, before explaining why he especially wears them: “McEnroe wore them when he played, so I’m very happy that I have them and I can show them to the world.”

Despite being in his 20s, Alcaraz has already become one of the biggest names in the world of sports, which has also made him a new fashion icon, prompting him to sign deals with companies such as Louis Vuitton, appearing on the cover of the magazine. Wall Street Journal and now act as a showcase for the Nike Mac Attack sneakers.

The Murtian, who overtook the Italian, was pleased with his “solid” moment when he advanced to the quarter-finals.

“You can always be better, you can never stay put, no matter how good you play or feel. But I am very pleased with the level that I show. A very serious level, with few ups and downs, and a style of play that I like.” play now what we focus on in every game,” he said.

When asked if he was ready to play a hypothetical final tomorrow, Alcaraz answered in the affirmative.

“Each player demands different things from you. You try to adapt a little to what the opponent requires of you. But if I had to play this final tomorrow, I would be prepared and, to be honest, at a very good level. ” He said.

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