the ‘show’ of Paris Fashion Week

The big ones fashion and luxury brands have presented their proposals for the season autumn-winter 2023/24 in the French capital during the last week. Tributes have been seen (to the missing Vivienne Westwood), references to archival garments from the big fashion houses (Stella McCartney and his nod to the gypsy John Galliano of 1997 or Chanel honoring camellias, Coco’s favorite flower) and a return to past trends (such as the medieval return of Balenciaga after the ‘bondage’ scandal). One of the most anticipated fashion weeks of the year has not disappointed. Absolutely.

In addition, as brands like more and more, it has been accompanied by shocking moments, celebrity shows on the street and the same ‘front row’ and animations on the catwalk. This is a summary of the show from the last Paris Fashion Week:

The viral image of Marichalar

The man who one day conquered the heart of the infanta elenawho was the Duke of Lugo, is today a whole duke of luxury. This is how he is known in the fashion circles in which he moves. The former son-in-law of the emeritus is a regular in the capital of the Seine, and in the fashion shows in Paris, to which he always goes to support the LVMH group with his presence, for which he works from Spain. The photo of him in the ‘front row’ of the presentation of Louis Vuittonbetween Zendaya and Emma Stone (although in the row behind), has been one of the viral images of the week. *Watch out, Ana de Armas was also in the front row.

Stella McCartney’s block

Vanessa Friedmannthe fashion director of the ‘New York Times’ could not believe it and did not know where to look during the parade with great pyrotechnic effect, and firecrackers, of Stella McCartneyin some stables where models and horses ran around at the same time. “My clothes have not killed anything,” declared the British designer, who has submitted a proposal for vegan coats, dresses and bags made with grapes, apples and mushrooms. His has been one of the greatest ‘cruelty free’ coups of the ‘fashion’ event.

Models and Boston Dynamics

copernithe French firm that last October he painted a dress for Bella Hadid on the catwalk, also in Paris, he has given cante again, taking the stage with the famous (and disturbing) Boston Dynamics cyber dogs (those from the chapter ‘Metalhead’, from the series ‘Black Mirror’). The robots have interacted with the models, holding them jackets or the bag, like the own lilac mossthe daughter of Kate Moss.

The New York designer Willy Norris has been contributing his fashionable queer vision. Hers are those t-shirts with slogans like ‘Promotes homosexuality’, which have launched her to fame. She is also fascinated by ‘aliens’, as she says she feels “often incredibly strange in many spaces”. Hence, her collection in Paris was starred in alien models that looked like they came out of the Mos Eisley cantina from Star Wars, dresses with modern work uniformsthe style where Norris feels most comfortable.

Tommy Cash’s superlative bed

Tommy CashA provocative musician and artist to boot, he is also a big fan of fashion who likes to dress up in funky outfits. He’s already donned a vagina suit and multiple ‘piercings’. Provoke and transgress, or die. This time, he has appeared in the parade of Y/Project with his craziest and most giant ‘look’: white nordic placed on a night blue buttoned pajamasa large piece in the shape of pillow behind the head as a vertical headdress and furry slippers for being at home. She did not hesitate to finish off the ‘performance’ with a mask, cucumber slices and soporific yawns.

julius juulcreative director of the Heliot Emil brand, has shown off his textile innovation during his show in Paris, presenting a model with a flame retardant suit. That was the cherry on top of his collection, inspired by a dystopian future and in clothes that the protagonist of ‘The Hunger Games’ could well wear, Katniss Everdeen.

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