The singer Karol G will retire from the stage this year

The Colombian singer Karol G announced that she will take a break from the stage this year to be able to study and travel to different countries to make music.

“This year I will not be on stage as much, because I decided to take myself as a break (rest) from the stages to be able to study, to be able to evolve in other aspects,” singer Karol G, 32, told Mexican radio station Exa.

She assured that making music within her three tours, last year, “pushed her so much” to learn to record herself, to learn to produce much more, and to learn to develop in so many aspects of her life, because before she had someone that he did it with her and discovered that she had “a lot of talents that she hadn’t discovered” and that she now wants to develop.

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“Maybe if I develop (my talents), tomorrow I can give better things to my audience. This year I am like traveling to different countries to make music, learn about other cultures and other ways of thinking. So many things that enrich it to one, that I think that this pause that I am going to do is going to be very positive for me. I think that the next album is going to be very experimental for me in many ways and that gives me a lot of emotion,” he added.

Karol G in EXCLUSIVE interview in #JessieEnExa

A few days ago, the woman also known as “La Bichota” published her fourth album in which she shows her “most intimate” side and has collaborations with Shakira, Angel Dior, Bad Gyal, Carla Morrison, Justin Quiles, Maldy, Quevedo, Romeo Santos , Sean Paul and Sech.

It is the best album debut by a Hispanic artist in the history of Spotify and the second best female debut in the history of YouTube, according to estimates.

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The new work by the Colombian has 17 songs, including songs like cairowith Ovy on the Drums; X if we come backwith Romeo Santos; catwomanwith Maldy, and provencewhich had already been released as singles in recent months.

KAROL G, Shakira – TQG (Official Video)

In fact, the expected collaboration with his compatriot Shakira, TQGhas slipped into number 3 of the Spotify global top, only behind Flowers by Miley Cyrus and the remix of die for you of The Weeknd and Ariana Grande.

I left you big, which includes allusions to the exes of the two Colombians, the former soccer player Gerard Piqué and the Puerto Rican reggaeton artist Anuel AA, has been the most commented on networks in recent hours and is already the best debut of a Latin women’s collaboration in the history of YouTube, with 39.5 million views of the video clip in the first 24 hours alone.

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