The SLP government has activated the civil registration module in Fenapo

Those who visit the exhibition site will be able to carry out the relevant procedures flexibly.

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In support of the Potosi families in the 2023 National Potosina (Fenapo) Fair, the State Government is providing all the services and programs it offers, for which the General Secretariat of Government (SGG) has included the General Directorate service module. Civil Registry, where some of the basic procedures that are required in the offices of this dependency can be performed.

Daisy Maribel López Sierra, head of the Civil Registry, commented that, at the behest of San Luis Potosí governor Ricardo Gallardo Cardona and government secretary general J. Guadalupe Torres Sanchez, this module will allow users who come to the best fair in Mexico, as well as the ability to process documents, especially this season when demand for birth certificate amendments and CURP is on the rise due to the start of the next school year.

He explained that some of the services that will be offered in the service module installed in Fenapo, in addition to consultations and information, include: issuance and certification of government records; release of certified records from other states and digital circuits, CURP certification, administrative amendments replacing attachments, marginal annotations in confirmations, divorces and lawsuits, among others.

The state official explained that the Fenapo service module will operate from 12:00 to 19:00 and is located in the industrial pavilion; Requirements to request an amendment: copy of INE; A certified true copy of the book Oficialía (recording to be corrected); power of attorney (if the process is carried out by an agent); or a simple power of attorney, if the process is carried out by a direct relative. In the case of CURP certification, a copy of the INE and an updated certified copy of the birth certificate with the address of the civil registration are requested.

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