The solution that Robert Lewandowski asked for is already at home: now it depends on Xavi

The Barcelona star striker is off to a rocky start to the season. The fact that he is not set up to play in midfield causes Robert Lewandowski to reduce his effectiveness in front of the net. In this sense, the attacker seemed to ask his technician to solve the problem.

Thus, Xavi Hernandez, due to the disastrous numbers of his star, decided to take action based on the proposals of the Polish striker. In this sense, the solution proposed by Robert Lewandowski involves changing the squad, leaving fewer players in midfield. In this way, the Barcelona striker will be able to borrow more players, which will help Robert Lewandowski overcome his unfortunate streak.

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Wet powder striker

It seems that the Polish star has wet gunpowder. At the start of the season, we saw how football club barcelona It was difficult for him to find the door. A problem that undoubtedly has a first and last name Javi Hernandez: Robert Lewandowski. The Barça striker can’t find the association that made him top scorer last season and that’s why the team is cutting back on goals in recent games.

Robert Lewandowski tries to complete a pass against Getafe but gets caught

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Against opponents like Cadiz or Osasuna we have seen football club barcelona the one who should have easily won, did not achieve efficiency in front of the goal. In the latter case, it was a penalty in the 85th minute that decided the outcome of the match in Sadar. At the next meetings football club barcelona His lack of goals should not be overlooked if he wants to win the title again.

Four midfielders and 0 forwards

This season it looks like Xavi has decided to populate Kühle’s midfield a lot more. However, this overpopulation of the midfield led to shortcomings in attack in front of the goal. It has something to do with the saturation of the game with midfielders who try to play football that is easy for opponents to neutralize.

In this sense, the game gaviIlkay Gundogan, De Jong and Pedro It gets in the way because the opponents cover the inside very easily and therefore the play of the coule. This establishes a connection with Robert Lewandowski become less and less fruitful. The problem that Xavi will have to solve by changing the balance of power or strategy, allowing Robert Lewandowski restore your effectiveness in front of the goal.

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