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Although it was not that extensive, Chris Martin and Jennifer Lawrence’s was quite a passionate relationship. The leader of Coldplay and the Oscar winner They were together for about a year and were very important in each other’s lives.

This is demonstrated by the music, which portrayed part of this relationship that lasted between 2014 and 2015. In fact, there a romantic Coldplay song that the British musician wrote about his romance with the actress The Hunger Games.

The song Chris Martin wrote for Jennifer Lawrence

Although they were always quite secretive about their relationship, It was learned that Chris Martin started dating Jennifer Lawrence in 2014.. It was the first serious relationship of the British after his divorce with Gwyneth Paltrow, while she dated him after his long affair with Nicholas Hoult.

According to rumors, there is an iconic Coldplay song that the musician wrote about the beginning of their relationship. Is about Adventure of a Lifetime, part of the disc A Head Full of Dreams, And what would it mean to fall in love again after lose the hope.

“I feel my heart beating. You make me feel like I’m alive again,” sings Chris Martin in the song he supposedly wrote about his passionate relationship with Lawrence. Which makes a lot of sense, considering that this one came from a dramatic divorce.

FIt was in August 2015 when it was reported that the couple had broken upor officially, although they did not provide further details about it. However, they seem to have turned out quite well and are still fans of each other’s work.

At the moment, Chris Martin is in a relationship with actress Dakota Johnson, for whom he also wrote a romantic song. For her part, Jennifer Lawrence was a mother a little over a year ago, an experience that he has confessed has been somewhat difficult.

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