The surprising beauty secrets of Sissi, the unforgettable and controversial empress

It might be surprising to say that sissy continue to be a highly relevant character because 125 years have passed since his death. The Bavarian princess lived during the 19th century (1837-1898), but the mark he left has been indelible. Good proof of this is that his life continues to be very interesting and both platforms of streaming as television channels are committed to buying series and movies based on his figure.

Perhaps for this reason it never hurts to look back and remember how this strong-willed woman came to become a style icon ahead of its time, to the point of being labeled as the Lady Di of her century. Sissi was a freedom-loving woman, but with a certainly tormented personality that earned him to be considered extravagant or irresponsible for his ideals.

the empress sissi
Empress Sisi. Gtres

Under the first name of Isabel Amalia Eugenia was an absolutely legendary beauty. Of course, it was not enough to have this virtue, but it also had to be maintained. Sissi was a pioneer in taking extreme care of her figure and facewithin a society in which this practice was not extended among women, far from having a preponderant role.

Crash diets and military exercises

The German became obsessed to the point of looking radiant. To get the body she wanted, she followed very restrictive nutritional plans and sometimes without any sense. The pillars of the diet of the wife of Franz José I of Austria were oranges and milk. In the same way, he became famous diet of exclusively meat juices or a mixture of egg whites with salt. Without forgetting his excessive liking for the laxatives he bought at the Court pharmacy.

As for sports, Sissi did gymnastics every day. In all her palaces she had material installed to be able to carry out her routine fitness. Sissi used rings hung on the portal, horizontal bars and trellis to train with your own weight. A practice that could be similar to today’s pull-ups.