The teacher’s cryptic answer to a young promise to Kylian Mbappe

We have all received a slap in the face from time to time, either from life or from our authority figures such as teachers. Well, it’s a corrective gesture for certain relationships, it seems to have happened to PSG striker Kylian MbappĂ© when he was still in school.

This is because in a video that has gone viral, we see the hat-trick scorer in the last World Cup final, dressed in the uniform of his school, receiving a stern reprimand from what we understand was his teacher in those years. . .

The scene introduces us to an annoyed professor who takes him by the ear and says in serious French: “You make me move to hell again. Okay, I’m fine. I’ll be your problem, I’ll scold you, because when you and I talk you don’t understand“.

Shyly, future 2018 Russian blues champion, the answer is yes. As usual, this caused rain of opinions pros and cons. Many comments mentioned the fact that the teacher didn’t know what he was doing, and there were those who played the translation of their little conversation.

However, for netizens with the most trained eye, what caught the clip’s attention the most is that it seems made with artificial intelligence. In other words, we are not talking about the true goalscorer of the team he manages today, Luis Enrique Martinez.

For the smartest skin color doesn’t matchreferring to the skin tone of the face compared to the neck. In addition, they also emphasize that it is quite obvious that the face with which we see little Kikiactually from when he was 20. So the debate is open for everyone to decide what they want to believe, whether the video is real or not.

It is worth noting that this season, Mbappe was again at the epicenter of the hurricane due to the ongoing gossip that they put it at Real Madrid. Recall that they were so strong that, faced with a threat to the Parisian team, its president, Nasser Al Khelaifi, decided to separate him from the team for this season.

However, a few weeks ago, he backtracked on that decision after allegedly directed negotiations with a soccer player, that would be the start a new agreement to extend your contract. At the same time, Al-Khelaifi himself refused to confirm these versions the previous Thursday after the UEFA Champions League draw.

Instead, he simply said that “He is a PSG player, a great player and person.and what they havehad very good conversations with him and his family“.

IN two days Ligue 1 three goals, after being reinstated as the former coach of Spain at the last World Cup. In addition, he will play the European Cup with his club. in group Frecognized as death because they will have to face each other with Borussia Dortmund, Milan and Newcastle.

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