The three lives of Johnny Depp after the controversial trial

Many facets of Johnny Depp, 59, are known: that of an actor, for roles as charismatic as Jack Sparrow; that of a musician, for his recent tour with the sadly deceased Jeff Beck; and the most personal and certainly also the most controversial. After the controversial trial against his ex that went around the world, the artist has moved on, oblivious to speculation and comments, turning precisely to the professional part of his life. In addition to the aforementioned concert tour of Europe and the United States, he has filmed the series Jeanne-du-Barryin which he becomes the French king Louis XV and which opens this year, and will start rolling Modiglianibased on the life of the Italian painter and that he not only stars but directs. The artist now adds one more to these concerns, developing his creativity as painter, a new facet which has brought him significant benefits in recent weeks.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, we analyze the most controversial and debated trial of the year

Amber Heard reappears in Palma de Mallorca living incognito with her daughter


Johnny Depp in his painter's studio

Johnny Depp in his painter’s studio

A collection of signed portraits by Depp including reproductions of reggae star Bob Marley, writer Hunter S. Thompson and actors Heath Ledger and River Phoenix went on sale at Castle Fine Art Gallery in Covent Garden in London, on February 27. in five days The four works had been sold for a total of 17,500 pounds (almost 20,000 euros), each cost about 4,500 pounds (5,000 euros). It is not the first collection that Depp has sold, since last July 780 works, including portraits of Keith Richards (a member of the Rolling Stones band), Elizabeth Taylor, Bob Dylan and actor Al Pacino, were also sold in a matter of hours for about 3 and a half million euros.

It is estimated, as detailed by the Daily Mail, that in the last 9 months the interpreter would have pocketed more than 8 million pounds with his works (more than 9 million euros). In the gallery brochure that presents his works, it is stated: “For Johnny Depp there has always been art. Before acting and music, art has always been an important part of his creativity.”. His collections, it is explained, are based on the people he knows and who have inspired him as a person. Despite this statement, his work had not been fully known until now. After the controversial revelations that came to light during the trial against his ex-wife (the sentence was favorable to the actor), Depp spends more time in Europespecifically in London, a city that has, in his own words, “a very creative atmosphere”.


Johnny Depp working in the painter's studio

Johnny Depp working in the painter’s studio

“For many years I limited myself to the daily work of the movie business, although I always had to escape to a blank sheet of paper, be it writing, drawing or painting a canvas. Tackling something for the first time without having any idea of ​​what is about to start and the result is gratifying” he declared. He further ensures that is satisfied with the reception of the public, compliments that multiply every time he shows new works that move him.

While Depp increases his professional interests, Amber Heard, who reached an agreement with the actor to pay only one million of the 10 million that the jury imposed after losing the defamation process, keeps a low profile. The actress hid behind a fictitious identity in a town in Mallorca with her daughter, to get away from media and social noise in which she denounced harassment and threats from the artist’s followers. No activity on her social profiles, for the moment No news has been disclosed about future projects. or if he continues in Spain.

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