The training that changed the life of Jennifer Lawrence: “I will always be grateful”

OROne of the most famous and successful actresses in the world. Jennifer Lawrence, revealed his secret to keeping in shape. In fact, he has a first and last name. In the midst of an interesting moment at the professional level, where the comedy premiered last Sunday. “No Bad Rolls”also predicted in Cannes Film Festival a documentary produced by her own company that chronicles the situation of women in Afghanistan since the Taliban came to power.

And the fact is that, preparing for his role Mystic in X-Men Jennifer Lawrence changed her life by training with one person: Dalton Wong. This man raised such famous people as Tom Hardy or Charlize Theron and his training method, full of individual exercises, a balanced diet and adapted to the needs.

Actress: “She taught me how to eat, how to move…”

Women’s Health magazine was able to talk to Jennifer Lawrence, who dedicated a few words to her in the book Wong, called “Good Mood Plan”‘: “For this film, Dalton Wong changed my body, but he gave me the knowledge to help change my life. I could never go on a diet. Dalton taught me how to eat, move, and lead a delicious yet healthy life. I will always be grateful to him,” he wrote.

personal trainer set the daily routine for Jennifer Lawrence, except for exercises with kettlebells, with postural exercises. According to him, according to Women’s Health magazine, this is important for preparing the body for other types of exercise. Moreover, Wong believes that multi-joint exercises are just as effective as special exercises.

It’s been a week of training for Jennifer Lawrence:

Day 1: Lower body deadlift work.

Day 2: Upper body push up exercise.

Day 3: Lower body push up exercise.

Day 4: Pulling exercise for the upper body.

Day 5: Horizontal push and pull exercises.

Day 6: Vertical pushes and pulls.

Day 7: Rest.

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