the trajectory of the first and last Batman in fifteen essential roles

Michael Keaton, who is actually called Michael Douglas, but who, having already caught that stage name, decided to use the last name of his favorite actress (Diane Keaton), has been active since the ’70s, but will always remain in our hearts as one of the greatest actors for two of his roles from the ’80s, both (coincidentally) under the baton of Tim Burton.

And maybe you have seen his name lately in some portals. Because? Well, because Keaton was our first cinematographic Batman and, starting this year (and until further notice) he will also be our last. The fans have gone crazy, I have to admit it and I do it proudly.

keaton then and now

So I thought that this is a good time to take a tour of the acting career of one of my favorite actors: I leave you here fifteen papers to understand Michael Keaton.

In its beginnings, in the ’70s, it appeared in an episode of Maude.

To understand the importance of this, one must first understand the importance of Maude, the series that changed the world of television. Is sitcom was carried out by Beatrice Arthur, who would later be Dorothy in the golden girls.
Throughout his life, Arthur was a free soul swimming against the current. Animalist to the core and activist for the rights of LGTBI people, in 1971 they gave him his perfect role for an episode of the television hit All in family: Maude Findlay (Edith Bunker’s cousin), a liberal feminist who stomped as hard as Beatrice herself. The antithesis of conservative Archie Bunker. The character was so powerful and her interpretation so impressive that CBS, after testing it in another episode in 1972, decided to give her her own series, and that’s how she was born. Maude.

Maude It was a revolution on screen he played all the sticks, all the issues of social conflict (then and now): War, divorce, menopause, drugs, alcoholism, abortion, gay rights and even spousal abuse. In his most controversial episode, when abortion was only legal in a couple of US states, Maude became the first main character in a series to make the decision to abort a pregnancy in front of its viewers in a two-part episode: Maude’s dilemma.

Michael Keaton appeared with a small role in an episode of the fifth season, titled Arthur’s Crisis.

michael keaton maude

One of his first successes as a leading man was in The crazy adventures of a Mr. Mom.

The ’80s began to bring Keaton his first big leading roles. One of them, for better and for worse, was Jack’s in The crazy adventures of a Mr. Mom (originally titled Mr Mom), whose title, surely, already tells you that it is one of those films that would not see the light of day today, because when she loses her job and dedicates herself to taking care of the home and the children, she becomes “the lady of the house”.

In 1988 it was Bitelchús.

The second feature film directed by Tim Burton (after Pee-wee’s Big Adventure in 1985) and the first in which both actors and directors worked together. The tape won the Oscar for best makeup, and it was not for less. Keaton’s was probably the least spectacular of all.

michael keaton bitelchus

In ’89 it was Tim Burton’s Batman.

Our first Batman on the big screen. Only preceded in screen adaptation by Adam West for the ’60s series, Keaton was 38 years old when he donned the Batman suit for the first time. I have told you a lot of curiosities about this film, but one of the best, without a doubt, is that Keaton was responsible for the deep voice of the superhero (it seemed too easy for him to guess that Batman was Wayne, and his well-known paranoia about things illogicalities led him to change the register when he played one or the other) and the iconic phrase “I am Batman” (which was actually a mistake, because the script said “I am the night”).

He repeated in 92 in batman returns. The following year, another of his hits would be released: Much ado About Nothing, with Kenneth Branagh (he also directed Thor 2011, Jack Ryan: Operation Shadow 2014), Emma Thompson, Keanu Reeves, Denzel Washington and Robert Sean Leonard (House’s friend).

He worked with Harold Ramis in 1996.

Ramis, co-writer (with Aykroyd) of Ghostbusters, he directed a few movies throughout his life, four of them during the ’90s. one was My doubles my wife and I, with Keaton and Andie MacDowell. Ramis directed six other films in the 2000s, the last of which Year onein 2009. He passed away in 2014.

michael keaton andie macdowell multiplicity

He was the voice of Jack Crowley on The Simpsons.

in the episode Pokey Momfrom the 12th season, gave the voice to Jack Crowley, the convict whom Marge meets when she goes to give painting classes to prisoners and, convinced that his artistic talent is a sign of a noble soul, “godfathers” him so that he let him go free.

He was also the voice of Chick in cars and KEN’S IN TOY STORY 3.

He was, in 2006, the archenemy of Lightning McQuenn, and in 2010, while here we met Ken with a sweeter and more reedy voice, and with my utmost respect to David Robles (the actor who put his voice in Spanish), I would have really enjoyed listening to Ken with Keaton’s wonderful voice.

In 2014 he stars Birdman.

Born in 1951, he was in his sixties when he starred in three of his most acclaimed films by critics and audiences. The first one was Birdman (or the unexpected virtue of ignorance), by Alejandro Iñárritu (Mexico, producer in The Revenant Next year). Sharing the bill with Zach Galifianakis, Edward Norton, Emma Stone and Naomi Watts, Keaton plays Riggan, a failed actor trying to revive his own career by writing, directing and starring in a Broadway production.

For this role, Keaton received the only Oscar and BAFTA nomination of his career. birdman won the Oscar for best picture.

In 2015 he stars Spot light.

Starring Keaton, Mark Ruffalo and Rachel McAdams, Spot light tells the true story of how the Boston Globe uncovered the massive child abuse scandal and cover-up within the Catholic Archdiocese of Boston, shaking the entire organization of the Catholic Church. Spot light won the Oscar for best picture.

In 2016 he starred in The founder.

In May 1940, thanks to the brothers Maurice and Richard McDonald, a restaurant with a concept never seen before was born in San Bernardino (California): fast food service. Of course, the new restaurant was named after him: McDonald’s Famous Barbeque.

Shortly after, a businessman from Illinois who had come down a bit would see a future for the idea, and would associate with the brothers to expand their proposal throughout the United States. And thus the seed of the chain that we still know today arose. , 80 years later.

That businessman was Ray Kroc (Raymond Albert Kroc), whom Keaton plays in The founderthe third of his trio of aces.

He was the bad guy Spider-Man: Homecoming in 2017 and in Dumbo in 2019

In MARVEL’s he played Adrian Toomes (Vulture, Vulture) and, in Disney’s, Tim Burton once again turned to his first fetish actor to embody, this time, the greedy businessman who puts money before his heart.

dumbo michael keaton

sublime in streaming.

In 2021 he starred in Dopesick: Story of an addiction, a Hulu docuseries (inspired by Beth Macy’s book) that can be seen on Disney+ that tells in a clear and heartbreaking way the human devastation caused by addiction to opioids (specifically, OxyContin, which was sold as an “opioid pain reliever”). non-addictive”) in the US in the 1990s (and since). Keaton starts out as a doctor wary of OxyContin (he doesn’t think it’s not addictive) and his relationship with the drug changes dramatically over the eight episode run of the series.

His performance is absolutely sublime and, despite the fact that the series is very good, at some points where the plot itself becomes a bit heavy, it is Keaton’s performance that keeps it on top. He won an Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor for this role.

return to superheroes

In 2022 he appeared in Morbiusthe superhero movie starring Jared Leto and belonging to the UCM.

But what we are all looking forward to is to see it again at DC, because this year it opens Flash and, in it, Keaton will be Batman again. That Ben Affleck also appears, but we overlook it, even, as long as we see Keaton again, at 71, dressed in the suit of the dark knight. And yes: he says it again. Because no one says it like him.

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