The truth about ‘mewing’, the viral exercises that promise to effectively eliminate double chins

In recent months, TikTok has been filled with videos in which, with just one exercise, he promises men to have a square, strong jawline and women to eliminate their double chins forever. Baptized as ‘mewing‘ by its creator, the British orthodontist John Mew, has gotten thousands of young people to practice it at home to transform your face without surgery, but what is true of it?

Let’s start with the background. In the 1970s, John Mew decided to ditch dental braces in favor of oral posture training that intended to guide facial growth and that currently has become the protagonist of hundreds of tutorials that we can find on YouTube or TikTok.

The method is as follows: rest the entire tongue on the roof of the mouth, without blocking the airways, and keep the teeth and lips gently closed. This forces us to breathe through the nose and, according to the champions of this method, will modify the jaw bones Making it more pronounced will create a more prominent chin and modify the bridge of the nose, making it straighter.

'Celebrities' before and after their aesthetic touch-ups

Mike Mew, the son of this orthodontist, dedicated himself to spreading this method through the internet, specifically on social networks, which led him to be expelled from the British Orthodontic Society by disclosing information that does not have any type of scientific support.

The supposed effects of the 'mewing'
The supposed effects of the ‘mewing’

‘Mewing’, right or scam?

Although among the multiple benefits attributed to ‘mewing’ are improving breathing, correcting the position of the jaw, eliminating double chins and, in short, be more handsomenot everything is rosy, since according to several experts, this technique brings several complications.

Just as the networks have been filled with young people telling about their experience with this technique, where before and after photos cannot be missing, many oral health professionals and surgeons have also come out to deny this myth and warn those who practice it of the risks they may have.

According to the interview that Dr. Renato Gunckel, a maxillofacial surgeon, gave to BioBioChile, “among the risks that a person is exposed to when performing ‘mewing’ is the wear of the teeth, alterations in the joint temporomandibular and pain in the facial muscles”.

“I do not recommend it at all, since could cause more problems from the functional point of view of the mandible. I think it would not significantly affect facial appearance or cause a change at the bone level,” says the expert.

Furthermore, many experts argue that these big changes from before and after are due to a different posture, good light and, above all, photoshopas doctors say in these viral videos.

A good trick for photos

However, although there is no scientific evidence of a long-term benefit, it is one of the tricks most used by celebrities when taking photos at events, red carpets and even parades. Sticking the tongue to the palate and swallowing so that the neck looks more stylized, defined and without a double chin is one of the favorite tricks of Angelina Jolie or Bella Hadid and can help us see ourselves more favored in the photos, but yes, it will never change our facial structure.

Difference between taking a photo practicing the 'mewing' (right) and another not doing it (left).

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