The unexpected product that Kourtney Kardashian has released for sale

All the members of the Kardashian-Jenner clan have tried their luck in the business world by launching their own brands. Kim Kardashian with ‘Skims’; Kylie Jenner with ‘Kylie Cosmetics’; Kendall Jenner with her ‘818’ brand of tequila; Khloé Kardashian with ‘Good American’ and Kourtney Kardashian with Lemme, its line of vitamins and supplementation. However, no one expected that the eldest of the clan would put up for sale a innovative product to improve vaginal health… in gummy format. Yes, you read correctly, her name is ‘Lemme Purr’ and they are jelly beans specially designed to improve the health of the female intimate area.

On the brand’s website, Travis Barker’s wife indicated that she began this journey of supplementation and healthy living since her first child was born 13 years ago. “I tried everything from oversized supplements, the kind that are hard to swallow, to vitamin gummies that tasted great but the ingredients weren’t as healthy as they should be. I learned a lot along the way! I realized that this did not make sense and I wondered why there could not be a food supplement that, in addition to being delicious, was also beneficial,” Kourtney explained.

Now, after having launched several products in ‘gummy’ formatthe oldest of the clan has announced that she already has a vitaminized gummy for the vagina, something that could be quite new, especially for those people who do not feel like taking a pill daily. According to sexologist Esperanza Gil, gummy vitamins have become “a much more fun format and also more appetizing (…) There are ‘gummies’ for everything: to sleep better, with vitamins for hair and nails, to lose weight…” and now also for vaginal health.

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The expert has indicated that, although it is true that food supplements are not a miraculous product, “they can enhance the effects of other actions you take for your health, in this case, sexual health”. However, he warned that this new gummy must be ingested and not in the world should it be introduced into the vaginal cavity, since “sugars are terrible for the vaginal microbiota. They are the preferred food for fungi and bacteria!”

The benefits of the new product of Lemme, the brand of Kourtney Kardashian

Now, there are many doubts about the effectiveness of this product and if it is really necessary for the health of the female genitalia. Given this, the sexologist Esperanza Gil has indicated the following: People need certain vitamins and other substances for the proper functioning of our body, including our vulva and vagina.. Furthermore, we are a whole. Our digestive system is connected to our sexual system. Thus, digestive health and what we eat or stop eating will affect our vulvo-vaginal microbiota, that is, the levels of bacteria and our pH.“. So, according to the expert, “Correct food hygiene, together with good hydration, can have an impact on a more satisfying sexual lifesince it will help to maintain the homeostasis of the mucosa, the flexibility of the tissues, the blood supply in the area and a better lubrication”… point to Kourtney Kardashian.

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